We should be able to pay to name a star system.

Some players will name things properly, and name it well - but most? Ehhh.. Stapled Peacock Flesh. ;)

This is the reason why nameable systems are a generally bad idea. Here, have yourself a few names I had the "Insane Ship Name Generator" generate to make this point:

Do you want persistent systems named
Colonial Cup

Advised Tooth

Stuff The Set Examiner

Till The Earnest Linen

Telephoned Statistical

Sliced Low

Export Walnut

Main Pantomime

Smoking Religious

The Wildly Shy Melody

Sharp Bodily Cricket

Softly Mere Trolley

Incentive Bail

The Lawson Of Cohen

Perhaps Hammered Spire

The Relocation Of Tug

because someone thought "Ha! Export Walnut - ROFL Mike Foxtrott Alpha Oscar lulzz!"?

Thought so.

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