Ships Weapon loadout for PVE criminal Corvette?

So my next project will be buying a second Corvette to use as a criminal vessel, going around systems close to my home system killing authority ships, random vessels, pirating, etc. So destroying enemy ships as fast as possible becomes an issue, since after a while the ATR ships are at your tail.

My other Corvette uses beams and multicannons, or beams mostly, all gimballed cause i never needed to learn fixed for Pve. But i m open to suggestions. What are some fast and ultra destructive weapon loadouts that would work good on the Corvette? Got all engineers and power modules, and don't mind grinding, it will be a fun project to finish this ship!! Thanks for any help!
As Above, but my vette killer machine is all Short Range MC's with Corrosive, Incendiary, Emissive. All my killing is done under 1Km. I reverski to avoid turning, and Great Shields allows head to head jousting, but with this build i don't envisage a joust to last more than 20-30 secs max. Have a Fighter out with the fixed beams, helps tear down the shields.
All gimballed efficient phasing pulse laser? That sound great and ignore shield tank as well as able to keep some distance. All frag cannon is not a bad idea, tho keeping close to target could be some where tricky.
I m trying frag cannons and they work great! Next i m going to try long range efficient pulses, for a different strategy, fighting from far away! Both seem fun!
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