Wearing glasses with Oculus S

hi all
i think this may have been asked before but does anyone wear glasses with the new Oculus S and if so how is it
compared to the CV1 , is it comfortable at all , because i find the CV1 a bit of a sqeez
i need to wear a plaster on my nose to stop them digging in , thaught i'd ask before pressing the order button
Comfortable enough, it's a very tight fit though, so I steamed up a bit, and there's a knack to taking it on and off that doesn't mush the lenses into your face (and end up with a greasy smear on the lenses you have to clean off). If you have chunky glasses though then it may be you'll have the same issue as with the CV1. Probably the only real way to find out is to find a store that lets you try a demo of the kit first.
Definitely go for prescription inserts if they make them for the S.
I got them for my Vive made a huge improvement getting rid of glasses. It's also cool doing something without wearing glasses. My glasses kept hitting the lenses and scuffing both.
I wouldn't buy any head set without prescription glasses support.
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The second link in my previous post is for a seller on eBay who 3D prints rather good adaptors for VR Lens Lab lenses - the link is for fitting existing Rift CV1 lenses to the Rift S. I bought a pair for when (if) I get a Rift S.
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