Week #1 Themed Builds - Space/Astronamy

If your brains running a little low on imagination power or you're looking for a challenge then you've come to the right place.

Hopefully every week we can come up with a new theme idea to get those creative juices flowing and you can all post pictures of your creations on this thread.

These creations can be anything as small as a statue to as big as an entire zoo, there are no special requirements other than a loose nod towards the theme of the week.

As there is a no poll policy, we cannot vote on a winner and as I am not in any way, shape or form affiliated with Frontier there are no prizes to be had, this is all just for fun!

With all that being said, the first theme is a shout out to @Chante Goodman, one of the community managers who loves Space/Astronomy.

Let's hopefully see what everyone can bring to the table!
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I didn't see this post before, that's a nice idea, but a weekly pace is a bit ambitious... I'm not a fast builder :).

I'll think about it 😊
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