Powerplay Faction: Aisling Duval Weekly Objectives for Cycle 228

Good afternoon, Commanders.

The vote was much better last week, so thank you for that and please do the same again this week.

Famine stalks the galaxy. Since our capital of Cubeo is a major agricultural producer it behooves us to be on our guard, both against the current crop blight and pirates attempting to steal our produce. On the other hand, there is now a ready market for our goods in the stricken systems in the new CG.

In other news, the UI bug with the PP screens not accepting mouse input is... still not fixed. Be warned.

For this week:

(1) Please fortify systems as indicated on the Trello
(2) Please Vote Consolidation

I'll try to post an update if things change, but please don't rely too much on it!

To find out more about the primary Aisling Duval communication hub, our community Slack (including how to join), read the FAQ.

Also, to keep an eye on our dynamic objectives list, which changes as the cycle progresses, please visit the webpage at https://trello.com/b/HBY3rRZR/aisling-duval

Fly safe, Commanders
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