Weekly Schedule w/c 1 June

Chante Goodman

Community Manager
Hello all!
We're into double figures now - it's week 10 of our Weekly Schedule and we hope you've been enjoying it so far! Here's what we have for you this week:

MONDAY 01/06/2020 12:00PM BST
We're glad that BearB00 will be back once again, and playing some more Planet Zoo! What will she get up to this stream? Watch here.

TUESDAY 02/06/2020 ALL DAY
We have another Planet Coaster Weekly Theme for you! This week, we want to see your coasters that are full of twists and turns. Think you've got just what we're after? Send it in to us, at community@frontier.co.uk!

THURSDAY 04/06/2020 19:00PM BST
This week, Tim and Stephen will playing some Elite Dangerous and talking about what is going on in the community. Come join us for our weekly Working From Home stream!

FRIDAY 05/06/2020 17:00PM BST
8bitJosh is up to more hijinks in Planet Zoo. Get some inspiration and have a laugh with him, by joining him here.

We'd love to see you around; watch some streams where you can to hang out with your fellow community members and even make some new friends!

Chante Goodman

Community Manager
Hi guys,
No more JWE? :(
Hey @BJD1988! We'd love to show some Jurassic World Evolution streams, but there haven't been any content creators in touch with us who will be playing it.
If you know any, or know of any upcoming Jurassic World Evolution streams, please let us know so we can get in contact with the content creator! :)
Evolution Square streams JWE.

Her parks are great!
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