Weekly Schedule w/c 12 October

Jens Erik

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Happy Monday Frontier Fam!

We hope everyone out there is doing well and staying safe and warm as we're slowly moving further into autumn. We have a new round of hosted streams on the Frontier Twitch channel this week and we hope you will show them your love and support. It's a good time to stay indoors and watch some Twitch streams.

As always, if you know of any content creators you feel should be on this list, feel free to shout them out in the comments!

Without further ado: here's this week's schedule:

We're kicking the week off with a stream from KeanTV with Planet Zoo. They will be continuing to build an Australian wildlife adventure park, "Kaiheui". The plan for this stream is to build a canyon with lemurs, an area for flamingos, and a swamp for saltwater crocodiles. KeanTV streams primarily in German, but will switch to English if non-German speakers tune in, so don't be shy about dropping by.

We're very happy to have Just Joe back on the weekly schedule. Come for the great lighting, stay for the great zoo builds in Planet Zoo. While previous streams had him build after chat's commands, this week he's taking a more relaxed and detailed approach to building, taking the time to create lovely thing. Tune in and show him your support.

MekkuWorld is back to continue his park building adventures in Jurassic World Evolution. Recently he's been venturing into the campaign DLCs and will be checking out Claire's Sanctuary. Here's hoping he'll be able to save those dinosaurs before the mountain erupts.

Finally, on Sunday, we have the return of PlanetBecky with Planet Zoo. This week she'll be delving into Franchise Mode and building a zoo. Check her out as we round out the week of hosted streams.
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