Weekly Schedule w/c 18 May

Chante Goodman

Community Manager
Hello all!

Welcome back to another Weekly Schedule! We've got some fun things planned this week, including another movie night! Make sure you vote on what you would like to watch, and join our Community Activities Discord to partake so we can watch the film together! Here's what we've arranged for you all this week:

MONDAY 18/05/2020 16:30PM BST

Dracthonia is back with some more Planet Zoo! Catch her again this week and see what wild antics she is up to.

TUESDAY 19/05/2020 ALL DAY

It's time for a new Weekly Theme! This week, it's Vikings! Send us your Viking blueprints to community@frontier.co.uk, and we may share them on our social channels.

WEDNESDAY 20/05/2020 14:00PM BST

ZookeeperChris returns to share some more valuable insight into his job as a Zookeeper, while continuing with some Planet Zoo!

THURSDAY 21/05/2020 19:00 BST

Join Stephen and Tim on the Frontier Community Fleet Carrier at on our Frontier Twitch Channel. This week, they will be discussing all of the community's feedback on the second beta!

FRIDAY 22/05/2020 18:00PM BST

Catch Park Manager MekkUWorld on Twitch for some crazy Jurassic World Evolution hijinks (how will the dinosaurs escape this time?) and take part in a giveaway!

FRIDAY 22/05/2020 19:00PM BST

Last month, we had an awesome movie night with our beloved community members and we are back with another one! Once again, we want you to vote for the movie that you want to watch with us! The options are:
1) Space Jam

2) Pixels

3) Mowgli – Legend of the Jungle

4) Ghostbusters 2

Make sure to vote on the film you'd like to watch for our Movie Night and join us in Discord at 7PM on Friday for some fun! Bring snacks! We'll see you around this week!

Chante Goodman

Community Manager
Could someone please clarify what Vikings are mentioned above?
What would you like me to clarify? Any blueprints that are Nordic inspired would fit very well in this theme! There are lots of 'Vikings' blueprints on the Planet Coaster Steam Workshop already, if you need a visual clarification of the style we're after :)
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