Weekly Schedule w/c 26 October

Chante Goodman

Community Manager
Hey everyone!
We've got another Weekly Schedule for you all, crammed with some wonderful content creators who you'll have a great time with. Check out their channels, join them in the chat, and show some support!

Bluebirds_fly will be live with some Planet Coaster, to help us kick off our week! We're excited to see what they will be creating in their spooky project!

We are welcoming back German/English speaking KeanTV, who has been working on an incredible 'nature zoo'! Kean has also uploaded some awesome blueprints to the Steam Workshop, which we definitely recommend checking out!

The wonderful PachaKamac, a staple in the Planet Zoo community, will be live on Tuesday evening. We absolutely recommend checking out Pacha's stream, not just to check out the building skills, but also just to have a fun, chilled-out time.

We are looking forward to hosting TheAmbear on Wednesday, as not only is she a fantastically positive streamer, but she also has a lovely community that we love to spend time with. Join them all for some Planet Zoo!

Spanish-speaking MiriamSlowly will be live with Planet Zoo on Thursday, and her channel is one to have a look at if you enjoy simulation games in general. You can also check out her YouTube channel for more content!

Round off your work week with Deavild's Planet Coaster livestream on Friday, where they will be creating their Planet Coaster Halloween project! Deavild will be sure to inspire you with their creations!
Hi Chante

Will you and Steggs be doing more streams for Jurassic World Evolution. They are brilliant!
Heyo, just want to let you know that Steggs's last day at Frontier was about a year ago on the 17th of December.

Chante Goodman

Community Manager
Hi Chante

Will you and Steggs be doing more streams for Jurassic World Evolution. They are brilliant!
Heya! I am glad you enjoyed them, but like Pixelated Sparkster said above, Steggs sadly left Frontier back in December 2019. Senior Community Manager Jens has some Jurassic World Evolution livestreams planned on the Switch soon though, so stay tuned! :)


Volunteer Moderator
Thanks for the new schedule! :D

Great to see so many being featured! I've had the pleasure of enjoying a few streams from KeanTV and TheAmbear and they are both super positive, so highly recommended!
Any plans to have a stream to talk about next gen versions of Planet Coaster Console Edition? Game comes out in about 15 days and there has been no mention of what the next gen versions will contain as far as frame rate, resolution etc.
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