Weekly Schedule w/c 27 July

Jens Erik

Senior Community Manager
Good morning!

It's Monday once again, which means it's time to kick off another week of streams from some great content creators. This week has an international flair, with multiple streams in different languages. We hope you will be able to tune in and show them your support.

MONDAY 27/07/2020 17:00PM BST

We're happy to welcome SkorolTV to the line-up! He's kicking off the week with Planet Zoo. The stream is primarily in French, but he's also very open to getting English speaking viewers in chat. Come check him out as he builds his dream zoo.

TUESDAY 28/07/2020 18:30PM BST

Master builder RudiRennkamel is playing Planet Zoo on Tuesday we couldn't be happier to have him on our channel. Watching his stream will undoubtedly improve your design and build skills.

TUESDAY 28/07/2020 20:30PM BST

Also streaming Planet Zoo on Tuesday is clavTV! This Brazilian anthropologist is new to Planet Zoo, so feel free to give them some helpful advice during their stream. The stream is primarily in Brazilian Portuguese, but all languages are welcome during the stream.

WEDNESDAY 29/07/2020 19:00PM BST

Arthur and Bruce are jumping into their Type 9's for some high stakes, canyon racing antics with the fantastic Commander Ascorbious! You can check it out here!

THURSDAY 30/07/2020 19:00PM BST

Last week we focused on finally completing the Matariki Tiki-Tour! So this week, Stephen and Arthur will now be ranking with the Federation. Check it out on our Twitch Channel!

FRIDAY 31/07/2020 19:00PM BST

Rounding out the week is ClarkeyClarke93, streaming Planet Zoo on his channel. If you need a relaxing place to hang out and start the weekend, it's the perfect place to be. We hope to see you there.
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