Weekly Schedule w/c 6 April!

Chante Goodman

Community Manager
Hello everyone!

We're back with another Weekly Schedule, so you know where we'll be and when. Let's stay connected during this time; no one gets left behind! Join us all over cyberspace, on the forums, in Discords, on Reddit, Twitch, social media, and more! We'll be around to have a chat, let you know what's coming up in your favourite games and to do giveaways. We'd like to hear all about how you are, how you're getting along and what you're looking forward to, so join us and let us know! Here's where to find us:

MONDAY 06/04/2020 12:00PM (BST)
Community Managers Stephen and Bruce will be joining Psyche for some Elite Dangerous!
Psyche will be streaming here.

TUESDAY 07/04/2020 ALL DAY
Planet Coaster Workshop Theme of the Week: Blockbuster
Post your Blockbuster themed blueprints to the Steam Workshop or send them to us at community@frontier.co.uk, and we'll showcase them on social!
We're looking for blueprints that capture movie magic, so they can have all sorts of special effects, a story, anything!

TUESDAY 07/04/2020 ALL DAY
The first Fleet Carrier beta goes live on Tuesday! Keep an eye on all of our channels for upcoming details.

TUESDAY 07/04/2020 11:00AM (BST)
We'll be hosting Lomadiah on Twitch as she takes a look at the Planet Zoo: South America Pack!
Want to see it for yourself? Lomadiah will be here!

TUESDAY 07/04/2020 18:30PM (BST)
We will be joining Rudi Rennkamel as he streams some Planet Zoo: South America Pack!
You can join here!

TUESDAY 07/04/2020 20:30PM (BST)
Stephen, Bruce, Dav Stott (Head of Online) and Luke Betterton (Game Designer) will be joining the Lave Radio crew over on their weekly show!
Have a listen here.

WEDNESDAY 08/04/2020 18:00PM (BST)
Deladysigner will be live with Planet Zoo, and we'll be with her in the chat!
Join us; we'll be hosting her on our Twitch channel, or just join directly here!

THURSDAY 09/04/2020 09:30AM (BST)
Stephen and Bruce will be joining the lovely Buurs on their morning show!
Come check it out!

THURSDAY 09/04/2020 16:00PM (BST)
BestInSlot will be streaming Jurassic World Evolution, so make sure you check in.
He'll also be doing some giveaways! Join here.

THURSDAY 09/04/2020 19:30PM (BST)
The team have bought their own Fleet Carrier and will be jumping into the beta!
They will be live in the beta for an hour - more details about where we’ll be and the other activities we have planned coming soon!

FRIDAY 10/04/2020
We’re thinking of hosting a movie night on Discord - stay tuned for the poll on Twitter to decide which movie you can watch along with the community team!

Edit: Movie night has been postponed while the Elite team focus on the Fleet Carrier beta and prepare for the virtual ECM. If you haven't already, check out the details here and get involved this Saturday! We would like to host a movie night next week instead so stay tuned!

We'll be continuing with Pass the Park! Looking forward to seeing what comes out of it!
We are thrilled so many people are taking part! Let's see if we can get more!

SATURDAY 11/04/2020 10:00AM (BST)
With everyone’s health and wellbeing at the forefront, this year’s live ECM event has been cancelled.
But worry not! ECM has moved to a virtual event which will take place on Saturday from 10:00AM (BST) to midnight.
The Community Team and prominent Commanders from throughout Elite will be sure to make appearances so come join in!

Due to Good Friday and Easter Monday, the Frontier team won't be as active between the 10-13 April. We'll be back in action fully on the 14th! Thanks for your understanding!

We hope to see you around! Until then, stay safe all!
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Thanks for letting us know Chante and best wishes to you and the team. Have a good Easter, even if it is weird.

Excited to see the PFC in ED ASAP!

Jim Cliff
I am quite excited to see what options there are for movie night. I hope we could go for a black and white monster movie! There is a charm to those classics.

I can't wait for friday, will be making some caramelized popcorn for the occasion 😋
Hey, is the FC stream canceled today? It doesn't seem to be available anywhere.

Edit: Seems the Twitter page reported it as starting at 6, here reported it starting at 7:30, and neither seems to be the case. I was looking forward to watching the team use Fleet Carriers for an hour.
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