Welcome our newest moderators!

Hello guys and girl!,

wow, cool that you do the job! Thanks for your support, I really appreciate this!

Have a great time here!
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Welcome to the team guys and girl. I'm glad to see that all three of you have joined our forces!
All the best with your new duties! [big grin] [up]


Welcome to the team...

The straitjackets are on order, all we need is your preffered size. :D


Hi and thanks! Ditto what Vampiro said -- glad to be able to put something back into this great community which has done so much for me. :)
Bit late to the party, but glad to see 3 friends of mine getting a nice little promotion! Remember if you are in need of a nice Christmas hat for your avatar, I do discounts for moderators. Just ask stuk71 if you don't believe me [wink]
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I have watched and read most of their messages and responses and I am Glad to see them aboard...Welcome from this Aged(not old) Italian-American in America.
This game has me mesmerized with all the stuff they keep giving us. Thank you Frontier.![yesnod]
Bit late to the Party Welcome! [cool] Yes I'm still around. I work for a living so it's been busy around the holidays! Merry Christmas!
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