ANNOUNCEMENT Welcome to our latest additions to the moderation team

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Ah yes, those never-dying Airplane! jokes just never grow cold.
Just so my reply isn't O.T. (as well?)...

I hear there's a 24/7 party in the mod forum.. Complete with left-over pizza and beer? I'd recommend something stronger.
Congratumalations guys, and good luck!

☑ Fresh meat?
☑ World gone mad?
☑ Mod:drooler ratio high?
☑ FD off their medication?

Heh, not all of them, but a sizeable chunk of my usual go-to-people. I think at the end of the day it'll be me and Mobius yelling from the roof-tops as everyone else slowly gets inducted.
As everyone around here changes into one of 'them', for some reason I'm reminded of 'Invasion of the Bodysnatchers'.

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Have I come too late to greet new moderators?
If it is not so then Hi Andrew Sayers, Jenner, Iain M Norman and Yaffle!
And Welcome!
Good luck all, a great reinforcement for the 'peacekeepers'!

...but surely, in Jenner's case, it must be part of an already widespread Imperial conspiracy! Too much power in the wrong hands! :p

Philip Coutts

Volunteer Moderator
So it's come to this has it......the lunatics have finally taken over the asylum.

There are now more mods than posters, I'm feeling left out not having a little blue mod badge.....;)

Anyway good luck to you all and may god have mercy on your soul....

Good luck and congrats to you all.
Just remember to be nice but firm, when some of us get a little edgy... not me, nope not at all.
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