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Hey hey,

I'll need some feedback on this as i will have to do some adjustments on it. The emisisons map will get an overhaul once everyone is happy with the ingame size and once i have enough feedback on its usability.

There will be a smaller version (bigger letters too?) but let me know whether this is a good size for you to make your parks glow with Neons.





Notice the filesize ;) 5 texturemaps, full polygon model with proper LODing and still it's below the 1MB mark (0.680MB/680kB)
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V2 is now ready for deployment.
Each letter element uses 22 texture maps (total filesize of each letter is estimated at a slim 2 MB) and all models are heavily tested for LOD optimization.

Update log:
- added holder clips for tubing
- added Transformator and cabling
- full revamp of all UVmaps and textures
- further LOD optimization
- added "AA industries" CI (PlanCo's first fictitional company, originally used on the first Cage Light)
- added safety instructions
- and much much more..

Because i hardly have any followers and support compared to other creators while at the same time i always break new ground,
i decided to introduce a limitation system for future uploads.
Any new uploads will only unlock once the previous objects' target has been met (target is defined in the object description (Steam Workshop).
I do all items from scratch and it takes a lot of work and time and effort to create these assets, so i think it's only fair if those items get the attention they deserve.
Thanks for your understanding!



Letters E and F now online!

Fun fact: Each neon sign is separately crafted(modeled) and will maintain shape throughout all LOD levels,
Each LOD is modeled by hand (no automation tools) (6 LODs PER letter!),
plus the LODs for the cables (another 6 LOD models per letter) (they are individually modeled and not generically copied inbetween letters).
Only the transformator is copied between the letters, if you take a closer look you might find several variations and individual markings even there, though.
All that is glazed with 22 textures per neon sign. (and still not scratching above the 2MB mark)
These "simple" looking signs are the most complex and best optimized custom assets in the whole of the TMTK Workshop.

And they take forever to finish...
(hence why PlanCo is now one of the first ever games to even feature 3D polygonal representations of neons,
because it's much easier and A LOT quicker to just make alpha-planes and cheat with forced perspective, but why take the easy route?)
(PS: The first game to feature 3D signage was Second Life in 2008, made by Chester Gilks (and guess who was behind CG and the House of Neon))

Letter E: --- Workshop Link ---

Buying price: 85
Electricity cost (running cost): 4

LOD 0: 3232
LOD 1: 2436
LOD 2: 1454
LOD 3: 633
LOD 4: 261
LOD 5: 151
pHB: 8vts

tex: BCx4,NMx2,CAx4,RNx4,EMx2,MT,(SP),Fx

Letter F: --- Workshop Link ---

Buying price: 85
Electricity cost (running cost): 4

LOD 0: 3206
LOD 1: 2302
LOD 2: 1352
LOD 3: 645
LOD 4: 353
LOD 5: 187
pHB: 8vts

tex: BCx4,NMx2,CAx4,RNx4,EMx2,MT,(SP),Fx
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