Well, decontamination doesn't work...found out the hard way...

Killed cyclops gloriously in combat, then decided to test out decontamination drones...

after collecting all the wonderful items, my hull cumulated a load of caustic residue and integrity was plummeting, so dumb move on my behalf. after using the last limpet I only had 10% left, the limpet didn't scrub all the residue though (of course) and I hurried for the nearest base. I am cursing I didn't just burn it off going above 200% heat!!!!!!!!!!! because now guess what happens? I get to the base, get within 50M and then...BOOOM! 38M down the drain...again. Quite honestly I have absolutely no idea where the gain is in this... it seems that winning is cheap and losing is crippling, It is going to take a week to pay that off, wish AEGIS gave valiant CMDRs discounts on rebuy for doing their dirty work...would be real thoughtful you soulless, lazy jerks!!

Good news is that I killed it so I consider that still a win, I learn every time. now I know not to trust Decontamination to save my ship, just burn it off the easy way.... I may of still partially been in a cloud of acid at the time of use but that's not confirmed, I did have WAAAY too much caustic on my ship.

Now if you excuse me, I am going to let off some steam and then cry in the shower for an hour at my loss.....


CMDR (Deeply depressed) Jaylem
Out of curiosity, what size limpet controller did you have?

I flew through the cloud after fighting one and one limpet scrubbed me off ok. Size 5 controller. Took quite a while to get it all off (20 seconds or so).
I'm a little bit confused. You ran out of limpets? How many did you use?
If you were in the caustic cloud when you were trying to use them then boohoo.
Blaming it on the new limpets seems a bit odd if in fact you did run out of limpets and were in the caustic cloud to begin with.
Sorry for the loss. From reading your post, it seems that you were solo on the Thargoid.

Not easy, we've done two ship wings and been successful. We have avoided the caustic cloud vigorously.

I don't believe that it's worthwhile giving any hull integrity up to install the controller and cargo space for the limpets, but a dedicated repair ship for the group may be useful.

We hunt in systems with nearby repair facilities. Comes in handy.

Good luck on your next hunt.
Thanks man!

Yes I was going solo, really just to test the decontamination limpet in action. it did slow down the caustic effects drastically! so I guess it did it's job.

however, the duration of the repair/decontamination can be devastating if you have cumulated caustic. if this is the case I found the "burn" method is more effective and efficient. so as you say you can always replace the module with reinforcement if you are more comfortable with the method mentioned. :)

Your group killed any big game yet? ;)
No bug hunt today, but we are going for 6's the next one. We've killed 12 5's but we're not a cohesive group yet as we only have 3 CMDR's who have flown together semi-consistent.

The guys are itching for a 6.
Thargoid bounty after 40+ minutes of fighting versus a system to system smuggling mission that takes about 5 mintues for 20+million...... Yeah i know what i preafare to earn cash with lol
Caustic damage differs depending from what source you got it. Interceptor caustic does stack and inside death clouds they stack up fast. However, the stacks decay over time.
Additionally, note that a class 5 repair limpet can outheal basic caustic damage and is the better than using a class 3 decontamination limpet, to bring yourself up to higher hull value and then burn it off by overheating.
If you want to grab the heart after destroying a goid, target the dropped materials and stay outside the cloud until they display about 50% integrity left, then the cloud is gone and it's safe to grab the heart.
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