Well, I'm pretty sure this one's new. Right?

Okay – I've sold off the last of my data. First, I apologize for hoarding the location so long; but this data's put me at 93% of the way to Explorer Elite, and I'm starting to covet my first discoveries. Anyway, here's the deal.

This Guardian Structure is located on WREGOE JR-L C21-1 C 2, at 855.25 / 17.34375 / -137.90625. The planet isn't a new discovery, but the Guardian site seems to be. That's pretty neat!


But it's unlikely you'll want to go there. It's 119,000 ls from the system's arrival point, and since it's really just another weapons blueprint location there are much easier ways to get the data that's available there.

I think it's interesting anyway because of where it is. This system is close to 200 light years above the rough center of the (known) Guardian Structures/Beacons area. It's 69 LY above Synuefe ZL-J D10-109, which up to now was the highest known system with a Structure; and though 69 LY isn't a great distance, the whole region with the Structures and Beacons was, before now, only about 200-300 LY tall. So another 70 LY or so is, proportionally, a pretty large extension.


I'd be very surprised if this was the only Guardian Structure yet to be found above and below, as well as to the North, East, and South of the known structures. I would not be at all surprised if there were more beacons. And I'm hoping that there's some different element in the Structures/Beacons network, because as it is that network doesn't make a heck of a lot of sense to me.

But at the least I think that the actual size and shape of the Structures area is larger and different from what we've seen up to now. Maybe it's a roughly symmetrical ovoid; maybe it's a sphere.

Here's what I've been doing

In late February I converted the Cannon lists of Guardian Beacons and Structure sites to a 3D model so I could rotate around it in an isometric view and see what it suggested to me. I used the system names from the list, and I got their coordinates from EDSM. I put color-coded spheres at each location to represent the Beacons and the three known Structure types.

These artifacts appear in systems with a pretty typical spread of star types (though I think that none has been found in a system where the primary star is a brown dwarf). All but one of these stars are scoopable.

If the star types are not significant, the locations of the Structures and Beacons may be. They may form a pattern, or be oriented toward an unknown site of interest.

I wondered if the Guardian Structures and Beacons are part of a relay network. It seems unreasonable that all those sites do is talk to each other. The Beacons point to the Structures, and when the Structures' orbs are activated they either receive or transmit blueprint data in a visible beam. To, or from, where?


It seemed to me that a first step would be to to to find the extent of the whole area, presumably ringed with beacons, and then to look for any additional points of the network. To do that I decided to start on an upward vector from the center of the known area.

I picked SYNUEFE SP-F B44-0 as the rough center point of the Structures. It's at 831.625, -187.563, -121.844. This is not likely to be the real center; it's just what we've got.

My first tier on the upward vector is centered on WREGOE MC-Z B4 1-6. That's 208 light years above SYNUEFE SP-F B44-0.

My exploration ship has a jump range of 65 LY, and I've chosen that as my search radius. So I'm examining a sphere of space that's 130 light years across, centered on WREGOE MC-Z B4 1-6. I'm still working on systems 30-40 light years away from my centerline... this is taking a long time.

Tier 2 - if I ever get there (!) - will be centered on the same vector, but about 30 light years farther along the search path. After the first Tier the search will be faster because the search spheres overlap.

Anyway, that's why I found this discovery so exciting. I'd been encouraged by a dense crop of Brain Trees, but this find is much more like what I was looking for.

If this is a project that interests you I'd encourage you to find another system about 200 light years below SYNUEFE SP-F B44-0 and start your own first Tier there; or go North, South, or East of the known structures. I have a feeling that East may be interesting, depending on the actual purpose of this region, and I might even break off my trip upward to see for myself – but I'm trying to be more methodical than that. Really I am. I am not even thinking about that curious concentration of Brain Trees up near the roof of the Galaxy, either.

So I'm back in the bubble now until after the coming Update. I may not set out again for another week, but before long I'll be back at it. I hope I'll have more to share!
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