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Hey there, I am a longtime fan of Planet Coaster, own the game since Beta and read across the Forums regularly. I only registered a few days ago, though. I would like to show you my »Weltenbauer Park«. I am doing a german Play Series on my YouTube Channel, where I upload daily Videos of the Park. You can find it under »pb gaming«.
(It's a really small and new Channel but I'd love to get more people on it who like what I do. I usually don't advertise it - Well I guess this ist kind of an Advert - But maybe some of you want to check it out to see updates in motion. As mentioned before, it is a german channel and I only speak german in the videos.)

Anyway, I mostly just wanted to show you some impressions of my park. It is still heavily under construction. The Entrance area and the grand station are mostly done, though.
Thanks for taking a minute! :) PS: Love the game, and love supporting it.



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Glad you joined the forum. The pics look great. The first picture is amazing with the monorail station. Big thumbs up! [happy]
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