West African Lion Habitat

One of the first exhibits I've been working on for my sandbox zoo. Some pieces like the bird cage and info board, I did not make. I give credit to the people that made them on the workshop. I chose a picture online and then loosely based my design off of it :3 There is 3 inside viewing areas for three different exhibits. One right now is the West African Lion. The picture below is the one I based my build off of. Please tell me what you think? <3

What a cool look! I really like the round "bird cage" decorative! And the viewing areas are really nice, too.
Thank you so much! I really loved the bird cage as well, it can be found on the workshop by the person I got it from :D Some really spectacular stuff on there
Nice - that first photo especially looks great. love the classic lion house building as well as this is a lot like the zoo I visited my whole life.
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