What a load.

Why does it take so long for the game to load? A large park my take 5 - 6 min. to load. Also, why so much network activity? During loading my CPU load is under 15% and the GPU is about the same.... i7-4790@4.5Ghz and a Geforce 1070... Why so long?
most likely custom content syncing up with the online workshop...and 5-6 mins ain't all that bad. Mine takes over 30 mins to load the park and sometimes over an hour to open/load the game.
If you use many thememaker toolkit blueprints , you get problems with the loading times and also with the fps. If you compare the size of those blueprints with the size of the blueprints which frontier had created you will see, that the thememmaker toolkit blueprints most of the time as big as a complete park which had been built without thememaker toolkits. I don't use them. The fact that thememaker toolkit blueprints will slow down the game I have posted 2 or three times, but up to this day I haven't got a statement from frontier about this fact. I'm sad about the fact, that there had been created so many great objects, but they make the game unplayable if you use them. I hope that frontier will not spare out objects in future addons by saying that the thememaker toolkit make it possible to create them.
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