What a wonderful, exciting and visually stunning game this really is!

For all the opinions, suggestions and discussions posted here since Elite's release, I don't know which I enjoy more, the game itself, or engaging this forum about the game.

The game of Elite was inspiring to me as a young adult in 1984, and today, as a senior, has become my home away from home, a sanctuary from the day's problems, as well as a truly beautiful and visually stunning galaxy to play in.

For all it's faults, it does and has provided many hours of enjoyment and satisfaction and on occasion, a surprise or two.

I have to pause once in a while and remind myself just what it took to bring this game to life.

Yes, it's not perfect, not done and does not always offer a flavor everyone likes, but it will never be just right for all.

What a wonderful, exciting and visually stunning game this really is!

Reflect on what we have today and appreciate it for what it is.

Be well.
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A spectacular game pretty much sums it up. I can always seem to find something new to do. Being retired, the wife pretty much leaves me alone to play a 12 hr day, well, except to take my dementia medicine. :)
Also a senior and disabled, I have to wonder just how many folks with disabilities or age related issues have come to depend on Elite and it's four hundred billion stars for a mental escape, however long or brief?

I'm glad we have a virtual world to escape to.

Elite Dangerous Horizons AARP/Medicare Edition (Seniors and Disabled Only)

Be well.
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You should try it in VR!

You can't really describe it to those that haven't seen it in VR just how awesome it is but even though the resolution is lower it is orders of magnitudes better than any widescreen hi-res 2D representation.
You should try it in VR!

You can't really describe it to those that haven't seen it in VR just how awesome it is but even though the resolution is lower it is orders of magnitudes better than any widescreen hi-res 2D representation.
I have tried it in VR and I was not a fan. But each to their own.
I agree completely, a short experience of canyon running in VR in my latest creation (high speed courier) last night was one of the single finest (and may I say after the engineering I had to do to get it that good, extremely REWARDING) game experiences of my life to date.

The flight model is epic, the spaceships are amazing, the synergies of ship attributes and weapon attributes is genius, the combat AI is the best in any dogfighting game so far, despite people moaning about it (that's just because their ships are too powerful, but they don't want AI ships buffed...strange position), there is much to be thankful for, and of course much to still complain about, but as I've said before, if this game never changed at all again, I would still play it for the next X amount of years.
Agree with OP, well said.
I'm few months in and i see this game as some sort of wonder. A miraculous world was created for us and i love spending time in it.
Cant wait to start meeting other avatars in space stations and all that sweet stuff that's gonna find it's way in eventually.
Safe travels commanders :)
It sure is. All it takes to appreciate its current splendor and triumph of achievement is to stop and look around, relax and take it in, not take it for granted. Pretty much your own galaxy-tarium. Since you mention it, more seniors could be aware of this game, particularly the baby boomers retiring who saw the first moon landings live on tv and who still have old sci-fi dreams but are not aware Elite: Dangerous even exists.
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I hope nobody from FDev reads this but, honestly, they don't really need to do a lot to keep me playing.

I've spent hundreds of hours playing FSX and being offered almost no structured content at all.
It's just "Here's the keys to an aircraft. Go nuts".
So it's up to me to decide that I'm going to try to fly around the Hebrides, or follow the M6 from end to end, or fly along the coast of Europe or whatever.

So, with ED, at the very least I'll always get a similar sort of experience from it and I have the opportunity to do stuff like modify my ships and improve them, earn credits and shoot stuff too.
What's not to like?

Sure, there's always stuff which can be improved but it'd take for an awful lot to go horrifically wrong before it transformed into a game that I had no interest in playing any more.
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Are we all old fogies? Actually, I'm young compared to you lot (Gen X). Any Millennials or Gen Zs playing ED? If so, what do you think?
My daughter plays now and then on ps4 and shes 15 if that helps...she doesnt use the forums though, no interest in them apart from reading through my account now n then...far as Im aware, shes never posted anything on her account. She plays on my account more than her own because Im already established in the black while she is too lazy to grind her way out here from a sidey in noobtown :rolleyes:

/Thread...I agree the game is visually stunning...the backdrop of the stellar forge is undoubtedly un equalled in any other game. I love the way the game looks...not the beige aspect but trying to stay positive. The flight system is sublime though and the sound team are second to none...I can fault many things but not that.

I explore the black in ships that look and feel like spaceships...some better than others but thats down to personal taste...I love the shape of a DBE while others cant stand it and swear by a cobra3 which is one the ugliest ships in the game after an asp scout...imo. Theres certainly some improvements to be made on planetary surfaces and not just from the perspective of fixing the beigification. The groundwork is there fer something else though...hopefully...as a fan of canyon racing in SLF though, I would like to see those features sooner rather than later.

That being said, theres something different and special about the way this game looks...enough to keep me around while they sort some the internals out. Like I said, I can fault them fer many things...the visuals and the sound are not included in that list...those aspects are its best features ^

For sure it has it's issues, and there are certainly lots of improvements that can be made. I do understand the points of view of a lot of the posters on DD at the moment. But they seriously under value all the great things in this game.

And in private, I think they know this. As if they really really hated it, they would not be posting on the forums. By doing so I think they show that they really want this game to be great and are posting out of frustration and that desire. But this is a full, playable game that has a lot to do and certainly keeps me gripped. It has had a lot of new content, some more successful than others, but to say otherwise is just factually incorrect. And in VR it is just a marvel.
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