What about realism on Coaster Opps - Times ?

Sure a lot of us are visiting parks arround every year :)

And knowing that... sure u saw Coasters wich can launch trains every minut, and otheres where it looks impossible to louch them avobe 2 minuts...

Would be great to get a system where realism gets overfull, and see how our visitants get super angry to wait along 2 or 3 ours (in game) to get into a simple kiddie coaster. Should be great to train our coaster operators, put more of 1 or 2 on a Station to improve it's speed :)

For another side, like on real parks, Guests could have a bar of happynes that could grow on rides and merm on waiting queues. That was never seen on RCT until that "The waiting time for RollerCoaster 1 is too long".

I want something else... A real challenge for the tycoon :D

How that sould be in game ?
Wasn't it in RCT 3, too?
Your crowd got angry if they need to wait to long.
So you got some queue things. A Tv to example, would be great if it's in Planet coaster too.
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