Horizons What about TWR(throttle to weight ratio), at planet surface?

If i took Adder (as ex.) and landed on planet with gravity 6G, can I liftoff from surface?
According the Data from "coriolis.io", Adder has TWR 1.72 in basic complectation (thrusters 3E with Max Mass: 120t, and unladen mass 69.8t)
On surface planet with 6G gravity, "Adder" unladen mass is 418.8t, this is a lot more than my max thrust.

It's means, that i can't land on planet with gravity above 1.72G, Am i right?
Well, I'm not sure about Adder, but when I took my T9 to try trading with planetary bases, I ended up on 4G planet. Landing was tricky, but doable with a LOT of patience. When I wanted to take off, though, the ship wouldn't move even on full thrust. I managed to make her stand on her tail, though and boost up. I was dragging my a** through the dust but eventually made it to orbit.

So yea, thrust/weight ratio is definitely a thing :)

But generally, Planetary landing suite customizes your thrusters for planetary landings, making them much stronger (It says that in description, at least) so I guess you can't rely on the numbers shown in Outfitting.

Still, if you want to land on anything over 4G, you should have A rated thrusters and keep an eye on variometer.
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