What are you doing in-game prior to the 11th?

With the final instalment of Horizons on the cusp (pun avoided), I've decided to take a taxi to founders world so that I am ready to pick up a new ship (or two).

Other than that, nothing at all, except breathing deeply, relaxing and 'finding my centre'.

So tell all my lovely fellow Commanders, what are you up to?
Hmm lets see... Its tuesday so I'm at parents place exchanging christmas gifts. Later that day I probably paint some 40k miniatures.

Most likely not the answer you were looking for eh?
Just turning and burning trying to make a pile of credits. No idea what some of the new mining stuff is gonna cost and I wanna be prepared. I really hate sticker shock.
Nothing, I couldn't go back to the old exploration after the beta and since I am out in the black I am doing other things while waiting for the update.
Board flipping to do missions before missions become irrelevent. Then once patch hits I can do the new stuff since missions won't be feasible anymore.
Well, it was interesting in it's own way, albeit not 'in-game'...

Oh well. Ingame most likely sleeping in my captains quarters. My imperial Cutter (Sword of Fate {cookie for those who know where this is from}) has so comfy beds. Not to mention the "maids" my ship has ;}
Getting ganked in Robigo because I was dumb and took a shieldless python into Open. Whoops.

I was there a few days ago.

I came round at about 7am in the morning of my day off after drinking a bottle of tequila the night before and trying to do passenger missions while experiencing an honest-to-goodness blackout.

I had about 150 million more credits, loads of escape pods missing and definitely at least 2 more rebuys than when I got to the system sober.
I don't know if I was in solo, group, or open, I only know my rep was a bit tanked and I had a really sore neck from lolling my drooling head over the side of my (pilots) chair.
Great times...I guess.

Now I'm back in the bubble but I'm at a bit of a loss for what to do, I might buy a Crusader for no reason other than such ill-gotten monies must carry a consequence.
I visited Founders the other day to fit out a few new exploration ships, short & long range. I've finally gotten around to having a go at the Guardian unlocks, I've only done the jump range extender so far but it's the only one I really wanted & the rest will come with time.

I've fitted out a second exploration Corvette with AX gear (just the non-locked stuff) in preparation for having Thargoid stuff thrown at me (another feature I've not gotten into before), hopefully discovering these alien game features should give me some motivation to work with the FSS Scanner Screen & new Probe/mapping systems.

My NPC faction of choice is in a pretty good place in anticipation of the new BGS system being buggy on release, I'm going to leave any BGS stuff to settle down for a bit (factions retreating etc) then I'll come back home to pick up the pieces after the first round of post 3.3 patches. I work alone maintaining a couple of systems & have presence in a few others, I'm not expecting to be able to maintain presence in all of them but neither will my local competition. I don't board flip so slightly optimistically I'm thinking I might be better off all things considered, and I can use any exploration data I get for maximum tactical effect.

An awful lot of how I have played over the past couple of years is being changed in this patch so I'll be pushed out of my comfort zone, and I look forward to experiencing, writing & reading others' various tales of success & woe these new features will create ;)
Nothing. Took my macOS commander to Colonia, parked in the hanger and switched the lights off.

Enjoying Civ 5 at the moment, in macOS.
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