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Thanks,Parahandy. Any chance you could upload a new avatar pic soon.
I'm guessing it's some kind of protest.
I bought a Python, and fitted it out as an armed trader. "Lumberjack" is now engineered appropriately for its purpose, and is a formidable little terror when interdicted by unwary pirates that have a desire to go after the biowaste that I seem to carry around a lot for the minor faction I am trying to promote! with 6A G3 dirty drives in it, it is quite skittish when docking, so I have to remember to reduce engine pips a lot!

So now, my "dodgy sneaky jobs and courier" CMIII and my "Big Jobs"* Python are in one quiet little Empire location, building rank towards the day I can get a Clipper, and I'm enjoying it. I've been doing Planetary Scan jobs in "Daffodil" my Cobra, which is highly satisfying too, and less scary than I originally anticipated.

* I should have named it "Mek Quake" perhaps.. ;)
I lasted for four days in Colonia's version of civilization. Which I think is a record in the last two years. But a bad case of itchy feet set in and as of this evening I'm now about a thousand light years out of Colonia. Heading back to that high-g murderous planet that almost did for me last week. I'll show it a thing or two!!!
Not unless the "community" people actually get around to finally replying to my multiple messages etc - which I am not supposed to mention.

Yes it is - and I didn't want to just have a "P" Bob (it isn't Blockbusters you know). You are not supposed to be able to read it without making a sustained effort.
Hope you don't mind me saying, but the message wasn't really worth the sustained effort. I hope you get it sorted soon, tho, it feels like my eyeballs are being mugged.:)
There is no "Bank"

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(Yes I do still listen to the R4 shipping forecast - so sue me. :eek: )
There is a bank - just not in shipping forecast terms :D Could've sworn they always said "Dogger Bank". My memory...

I remember hearing all this, what station was this on?
I'm thinking, why was my grandmother listening to the shipping forecast? :unsure:
BBC Light Programme (longwave)
which became Radio 2, it moved to Radio 4 when that station nicked the longwave transmitters.

The shipping forecasts would be a good hint of what to expect weather wise for several miles inland.

Currently running station repair items to and around the Witch Head Nebula stations and considering unlocking and helping to rank up the new engineer out there, while wondering how long I can continue to keep my record of no hyperdictions while some players there seem to get them every second or third jump.
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