Newcomer / Intro What are you up to?

Beginning my attack run now...

Orbital bombardment me want~!!!!!
Well, I've just acheived the rank of Post Commander. Permit to Hors, which I won't disappoint myself by visiting.
I got to wondering though, how should I be addressed now?
Post Cmdr Cmdr? Cmdr Post Cmdr?
Congradz! What's good in Hors??? I have never visited those "permit" systems, yep, including SOL. Too busy, testing builds and grind mats for those builds.

BTW, plugged G3 Dirty DD EPT into my iCourier, big bang while boost the F around farseer inc. Ship is intact, the shield holds up the canyon slamming. 🤷‍♀️

Time to test on T9/T10 at mail slot. Ya all been warned! 🥳 Killed another npc T10 at CNB before that.
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Ooo, not long now until you hit Fencing Captain!
it will be a long time to reach the next one. i managed a whooping 1% from post commander. 😁

have they made that vehicle out of spikes tyres. too do that they need to be.:) not try one yet! still love my srv.

think of dropping the t9 to the auction house:) bad day at the commander chair yesterday. losses are 32 million.:LOL
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Turns out you don't even need to be in the blue to escape interdictions. If you can see escape vector anywhere on screen, it eventually lets you out 😹

Oh, I still won't be able to brake.

It's a warning to not get in front of me without warning. Best case is we both take a lot of damage.
hehe. you may find it easy now! but when you get higher rank you get the badder boys with graded ships.
Dam son chat

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this is an beginner discussion on ed: horizons and others not a spam site for your motorcycle or lifestyle. Please, i already reported one person spamming non topic discussions here, let not make it two.

try the off topic section please. nice bike but your not the only motorcyclist here.
Finally had a reason to go to a planet with an atmo! Just needed to pick up some fish for the imperial navy, easy.

...and of course it's in conflict, no landing allowed 😾


Lovely sky though. Really hope the devs are working on letting us land on planets with weather cycles. Even if they're sterile; clouds, rivers, lakes, oceans, would be amazing to fly through. And think of water worlds; no complexities above the surface, but Camino-style outposts. Which would probably be a great place for cheap fish!
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