What can we discuss about this?

I doubt it means anything. Just a social media filler, get also the last one on board with the europe pack. It's WAY to early to tease or announce anything. I doubt we will see a DLC before the end of march, beginning of April.

Or maybe the trumpet is burroed and they remind us of the burrow / cave with the last free update.
Update 1.8.1 might be coming soon

I'm also quite surprised we haven't seen that yet
Me too. The fact that there was no 1.8.1 hotfox patch before winter break makes me think it wasn't finished. Now, it may just be because the DLC came right before winter break and the devs just didn't have time for 1.8.1, but now it's almost two weeks into the new year. I doubt it's anything huge like a free new animal or something, but it must be a sustantial update to hold onto it for this long, especially if 1.8.1 IS what this tweet is teasing.

Maybe they go on a roller coaster and it's planet coaster 2???
Why would Frontier advertise PC2 in a PZ sphere? Planet Coaster fans who aren't into zoos probably aren't paying attention to the PZ stuff at all. That'd be a really really weird marketing decision. You don't cross the streams for no reason.
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I’d be very surprised if it’s pointing towards anything in terms of content. The original story seemed to go down quite well and I guess this just builds on that and keeps them going on social media through what might otherwise be a quiet time. You never know though…
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