What Challenge Have You Set Yourself?

In past or present, or planning...!

I'm currently working on using an Eagle, to modify said Eagle, using nothing but my Eagle (and SRV). :D

I have a feeling it's not going to go well...
My original challenge was my original game-plan, which was to sequence through buying every ship, A-rating and engineering them as I go. I store each ship and start the new one from scratch, without transferring (non-powerplay) modules between ships.

I started this all when I began playing the game when it was first released (Kickstarter backer). I have every ship now except the Chieftain, which is my next and last ship to get. I've not been in a rush and spend plenty of time with each ship as I go, which is why it has taken me so long.

Its been an absolutely awesome trip!

When I've finished it all, I'll go back and mess around with the smaller ships again. It's going to be a blast.
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Ten billion credits in cash by any legal means. Five hundred million short at the moment, I keep buying things!
That's no way to play ED, it must be a dull as dishwater. Report to the Commissar for some reeducation!


Myself - exploring the boundaries of 3.0 C&P, understanding its mechanics then causing some trouble.
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1. Visit SagA*
2. Visit Beagle Point
3. Fly around entire galaxy
4. Learn to fly without FA
5. Tripple Elite
6. Buy every ship and engineer it to max
7. Uhm... i will be 100 y/o already T_T

Right now i am near SagA, took me entire month for 1-way.
Get to the Core and Colonia. I did pretty much everything else I wanted so I`m slowly getting ready to move out there for a long journey.
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Earning, upgrading, engineering and then flying an Imperial Clipper to Beagle Point.

I am currently 100% Squire rank with the Empire, have ~65MCr in assets and three engineers unlocked (one of which is at Level 3). I've got a fair old way to go yet...
Currently building a Dual 4A Huge Fixed Beam Laser Federal Corvette.

Both beams with Oversized special effect and G5 Overcharged have a 75.2% ( I think from memory ) bonus to damage.

Actually a lot of work getting enough power and the thermals right for a functional ship, all other modules engineered for the benefit of the Beams.
Totally impractical.
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I've pretty much achieved my major goals. I've been to Beagle Point. I've been to Colonia and Sag A* twice. I've got way more credits than I need. I've first-found a bunch of neutron stars, terraformable planets, and a few earth-likes.

I'm slowly acquiring most of the badges in EDSM, but I'll never get them all. I'm double Elite and while I'd like to be triple Elite, combat is just not my thing, so that's an unlikely goal. (I find combat to be more aggravating than rewarding.)
Id like to get a little log cabin out in colonia and grow onionhead in an underground bunker and call it Bob Marley memorial station.

Ye might be shocked to know Im actually 100% serious...if ye know anything about me at all, ye wont be shocked at all ^
I want to be triple-elite by the first week of July, as that will be the two-year mark for me. I’m already triple-the-rank-before-elite.
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