What Dino would you be

Simple question for fun if you could be any Dino in the game which one.I would want to be the indoraptor since it’s just so fast and sneaky like a panther.
Hybrid Dinosaur: Certainly Indominus rex, all-time favourite. :)
Non-Hybrid Dinosaur: Giganotosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex or Allosaurus, not sure, there are many amazing ones.
Herbivore: Ankylosaurus (they're nice bois) or Parasaurolophus due to its appearance.

But if I had to choose from all of them, definitely Indominus rex.
Raptor because well... They are the smartest Dino in the park And well Pack hunting ;) ...and Herbivore: Stegoceratops And triceratops and maybe a Brachiosaurus because in the Lego Jurassic world game it says the brachiosaurus in their teenage years the become virtually immune to predators.😏🙃😉
carnivore: Dilophosaurus
Herbivore Triceratops
the next two aren't in the game but whatever
Aquatic: Megalodon
Flying: Dimorphodon
Muttaburrasaurus, because I'm an Australian that's lonely all the time.

And I'm a pain in the backside.
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