What dinosaurs did you save in Claire's Sanctuary DLC?

On first attempt i saved a Baryonix, Stego, Stygimoloch, Sinoceratops, Galli, Struthi and two others, each species one. And it failed near the end caus the baryonix always died of old age when i had to build the Jurassic Tour.
So the next try i saved 5 Sinoceratops and 3 Triceratops, i was faster caus i didnt have to breed so many dinos in order to have big enough herds, and i succeded, though i had money problems in the beginnig, when i had only the Sinoceratops, but i breeded a T-Rex and then i had enough income. At the end only one Sinoceratops survived, with a estimated Age of 80 and a real age of 96, all others died of old age, so it was close, but i made it, since i guess if the last sinoceratops would have died too, the whole mission would fail again.
It doesn't fail if all the Dinosaurs you rescued dies. How I know this? Literally every single one of them started dying, from the Baryonyx, to the Brachiosaurus.
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