What does Liz "Beta" Ryder know, that EDDB doesn't, yet?

So, I was heading over to see Liz in the new Mamba...

And I happened to notice her prohibited goods list...

Mollusc Fluid
Mollusc Soft Tissue
Mollusc Brain Tissue
Pod Core Tissue
Pod Dead Tissue
Pod Surface Tissue
Anomaly Particles
Pod Tissue
Calcite Organism Membrane
Calcite Organism Mycelium
Calcite Organism Spores
Pod Mesoglea
Pod Outer Tissue
Pod Shell Tissue

Doesn't match Eurybia / Demolition Unlimited on eddb.io
No mention of any of these in the rares list on inara.cz
Had a quick search for one or two at random, nothing?

Anyone found these things in game yet?
During beta someone found a new Mollusc like lifeform on a moon/planet using the new exploration tools.
They then jumped into the main game, headed to that planet, and there they were!
So it could be these...?

There was a thread created last week with screen shots...but can I heck as like find it now :(
Just a guess, we have space based rares (in description only) like Vacuum Krill, so maybe these things in the Lagrange clouds can be farmed?
space fishers, now a profession.

TBH that would a a fun thing to do if we had a few of these kind of tasks to do, hunting space krill. Scoping apce alae or whatever the ED universe offers.
Maybe thats goign to be even more fun if the agme ever has proper spacelegs and real inhbitat planets when we hutn for rare ceratures as rare commodities. Dman the game could become soo much.

Since the thargs already have those "swarms" we could have these kind of swarms that we might shoot with some kind of EMP weapon or space tranquilizer and then scoop up.
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Mollusc Fluid
Mollusc Soft Tissue
Mollusc Brain Tissue

Sounds like my worst nightmare. You wouldn't really want to come across that whilst alone in a dark canyon driving in VR.


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Yay, more stuff y'all can shoot, kill and harvest..

And then over a month or 6 Y'all come back crying here you got attacked by aliens and you want your rebuy back.... :p
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