What game are we all playing instead of E:D?

Asking the vaped question cause Google isn't currently my friend atm

Is it possible to transfer all your console account credits to your PC account? i.e. is there any angle I may have missed? Like money laundering credits from one platform through Arx and then accessing that from another platform? I haven't played with my PC account since getting Horizons on Steam. All my wealth is on Xbox side which is where I first bought ED. Lately tired of paying M$ to access online access for ED and literally 3 other game titles (AC Odysessy, RDR2 & GTAO). When I can play their superior doppleganger versions on Steam for free. With or without the longevity of mods and other PC platform benefits. Just had to ask in case I may have missed some tactic that would save a lot of game play hours
Currently playing EA of Ultimate Dreadnoughts. Rough campaign still. Damage model looks workable and they have flashfires and turrets popping off with bzioouuuh is quite fun.
Have a playthrough of Satisfactory too, but I unlocked most and it'd be new factory with neatly organisation, but I don't know where. Maybe I make large installation spanning from Northern Forest over Spire Canyon to the North?
Working my way through the Tomb Raider origin arc. About 30% into Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

May not finish: getting bored of all the handwringing about various family deaths while being personally responsible for killing more people than I can count.
Massive holiday sale on Steam.

Odyssey is $28 USD.
Not interested in Odyssey, but Infinity Battlescape is 50% off, the biggest sale I've seen on that game to date, so I might just pull the trigger. X-Rebirth VR is 60% off, and I'm quite tempted by it as well.

My problem is that I already have too many games to play, many being a full-time job each. So as tempted as I am to buy these games, I should save my money for DLC (no, not Odyssey) for the games I'm currently enjoying.
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Working my way through the Tomb Raider origin arc. About 30% into Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

May not finish: getting bored of all the handwringing about various family deaths while being personally responsible for killing more people than I can count.
Yeah, SOTR lost me about half-way through. It's a beautiful game, but the story just didn't hold my attention.
Ok my 2 cents worth….still ED and played every day, 12-16 hours per day for last 3 months!! Occasionally play a few hours of Forza Horizon 5 but mainly still ED despite having the big 3 all fully engineered, a fleet carrier and nearly 2 billion in credits!! It is starting to lose its appeal if I’m brutally honest. Only really do pve combat which is why it’s getting stale. Tried anti xeno a few times and got hammered! Looked at passenger missions but 50 million credits for a 40,000 LY round trip just ain’t worth it and mining bored me to tears 🤣🤣
Merry Christmas to all ED space denizens!

Protip: Snowrunner currently off at 35% and going for $20 USD on Steam.

For all you ETS, ATS (and F22!) driving professionals who enjoy flirting with danger while driving on the road, this is your fix. Had a solid review here:

a great new player guide

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5t_GRhEPkw

Didn't realize how detailed and ultra realistic they made the Newtonian physics in this game. Which has been a foundational core of the game play since last year. Kudos to the devs managed to achieve such high replayability.

IMO this could be a feature ETS might want to consider as a future marketing strategy. Adding an optional/toggable and challenging driving game mode like this. Instead of transporting retail/wholesale goods, now you get to do Search and Rescue transporting abandoned/marooned vehicles in challenging environments.

Perhaps ETS could integrate some of these features as optional S&R side contracts which are high risk and even higher rewards under tight suspenses. IMO this would add an interesting dimension to how you could strategically build your trucking fleet. Especially where challenging environmental maps like Alaska/USSR etc. with seasonal environmental challenges are concerned. And this would add an interesting (albeit weakly anemic) survival RPG to the driving sim experience while transporting your load in the game
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQZOvTHTd08
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Fired up Civ IV vanilla last night using proton 5.something-or-other
My favorite Civ game. The square grid, and especially the music is what makes it my favorite.
Playing China on a continent map. Somehow the AI is beating me to the punch in terms of tech, and wonders. This never happens, but I usually play archipelago maps.
Waiting to see if researching calendar will crash the game again (a bug that occurs when using proton).
*Edit And the bug is still there.
*Edit #2 This fixed it:
env WINEPREFIX="${HOME}/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/3900/pfx" WINEPATH="${HOME}/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Proton 5.13/dist/bin/wine64" winetricks d3dx9 corefonts msxml3 msxml4
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Just finished Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun.
While it seemed a quality game; good graphics, very polished and good stealth mechanics, it's not really my kind of game.
Also, I think some of the later levels would have been impossible for me to complete without the aid of youtube walkthrough guides.
Still, it was a good story and for the most part more enjoyable than frustrating. ;)

"Ah saki, none can resist..."
Hades repeatedly sprang to my eyes ever since I watched KoS play it. I'm no hardcore difficulty nerd - rather casual type. It has an overwhelming positive rating which is noteworthy.
So I decided to finally look at it and think it is a very good rogue(lite). First 3 runs I was like: ridiculous - how is this fun, but a few more runs more was understood and not too long I took down the 1st boss.
It just takes me more time, but you get the tools to manage the difficulty and you can control the randomness a bit. The rich story background allows for a big number of side stuff and a decoration mechanic allows to sink time for collectors in.
Quality is great, music is good, core mechanics work well, but are a bit obscure.
I think this is one of the best roguelites I've played - many lack replayability or are front up just too hard. I found Noita good but it's too hard and random for casuals like me. There is a point when I get tired of challenge and just want some fun.
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