What game are we all playing instead of E:D?

Actually played some ED today off and on, but hadn't touched it 4 or 5 days. Figure I'm done for another 4 or 5 days. No games I'm actually excited about right now though. Thought about firing back up the ol' Eve account again for some Red vs Blue action (let it go inactive during the Gamma, but played off and on since early '04, so going back to a 10 year old game isn't a good sign). Played some World of Tanks when I'm just looking to kill some time (played 9000 matches already, so pretty bored of it too, but still more fun than I'm having in ED right now). Played a little Freelancer (again, going back to 10+ year old games that are more compelling isn't a good sign). Other than that, just watching some Netflix.

I haven't given up on the game yet, I'm hopeful they will add something to do in this awesome base for a game. My main fear was that ED would be too single-playery for my tastes, but it is even more lonely than I expected right now. My imagination held out for a month and a half of making up my own story and reason to play, but it's giving out. I need something to actually do. I'm not a fan of trading in this game, and I can't even advance up the MILITARY ranks without trading. Exploration gets real old after making it to Surveyor, there is nothing new after that, just more of the boring same. No social aspect to the game, hence why I tend to be on the forum, not in the game.
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Playing Elite Dangerous
Not playing LOTRO - life member
Not playing Runescape - premium member
Not playing Eve - dropped subscription January 11th.
Completed that one ages ago before ED came along :p Yes, the remake. Oh and the original too back in the 80s.

Then could you explain to me how to get past the opening bar scene? I seem to lack in the perverted department and keep getting jacked by the bully in the alley way

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World of Warplanes when I only have 5-10mins to kill.
Starcraft2 Desert Strike HOTS mod when I have 25-45mins to kill
Tera Online when I feel like I need a deeper progression.

Elite Dangerous when the urge takes me (usually after seeing something on the forums that makes me go 'oooh! Need to try that!!!' :D

I find Sc2's arcade mode to be endless fun, I get sucked into the Tower D games often
Am a bit bored but still playing a lot of ED to the exclusion of everything else. I am kind of going to give it a break soon I think.
Thing is you can't die until Iron-man comes in. Games where progress is inevitable don't hold my attention for long.
Don't Starve is a good one I think I will go back to soon. Also Dwarf Fortress.
There are some very silly posts in this thread, so for a bit of balance I shall let you all benefit from my substantial gaming experience....

still loving Elite, it's my bestest game ever. Love it.

Also playing a few big titles such as Angry Birds (on a really expensive iPhone), Lego Star Wars on me Wii and a bit of Scrabble on Facespace. Coz I is hardcore, innit?

glad it's not just me that finds Job to be a grind. I am on Job 3.12(self-employed edition) which came with some great add-ons. The manual is a bit vague though, had to find a lot out with trial and error. Still playing though.
I've only been "playing" (actually haven't got past the training modules, trying to hone my joysstick muscles, and learn all the controls) for a week or so, but I think it's great - reading many posts here about the exploring/trading etc being boring, but that's why I bought it. I was a keen D&D RPG player going back to the '70s, and I use that experience to create my player-character's backstory and rationale for playing the way I do.

I treat ED as a simulator, the same way you would any flight simulator (get the plane up in the air, go someplace, land) - ED makes it more fun with introducing the space side of it. Should I need to fight others (pirates or whatever), I'll do my best, but I won't go actively out of my way to seek combat.

Some folks may see that as boring - I don't. ED gives me a universe to play around in for a few hours every week (I'd play more, but full time work takes up a fair chunk of time).

So my other games of choice (Dragon Age, Neverwinter Nights) are languishing, and may even end up getting deleted for lack of use.
If I'm being completely honest:

Elite: Dangerous.

And tu be blunt I dont have time (Wife Kids) to play something else I rather dont play at all
some of us cant play like some younger Player
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I'm spending most of my gaming time playing Elite: Dangerous, which I still love immensely and am the polar opposite of bored with.

I still manage to just about squeeze a few other games in though. Over the last month I've also played a bit of Chaos Reborn, Crusader Kings 2 and Last of Us Remastered.
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My main game right now is Planetside 2. I picked up ED a few days ago and I'm learning to fly with a joystick (sadly haven't gone much past the training tutorials since I'm totally useless with a joystick, so that's what I'm learning). When I'm tired of tutorials, I'm going back to PS2. The immersion of it, having hundreds of players on the same battlefield at once with over 1000 on one server...I wish ED had that option. Was personally a bit disappointed to learn about instancing, so I keep going to Planetside for real fights (for now).
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Well, played ED maybe once or twice since the last post. Kind of sad about that. I hope it gets some good content added soon. Lately playing some World of Tanks (9k matches, really bored of that game but still more fun), Mount & Blade: Warband (have like 1000 hours on that game and have beat it a couple times, but trying out the Floris mod), and have been playing some on the Steam early access of H1Z1 (good game -- some things I like more than DayZ, some things less, but overall enjoyable. I've not run into much hacking or ery on my server other than the rare spawn-point sniper, but you don't lose much if you get killed 2 minutes into a new game and pop up somewhere else).
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