What game are we all playing instead of E:D?

I went back to Mass Effect games recently - going to do full play from 1 to 3. Plus I`m flying in DCS MiG-21 - pure awesomeness!

only other game i thrash out on is UT2004 in the miasma server..

imo it would be so cool to have the UT2004 engine being utilised in the planetary landing aspect of Elite Dangerous(when it comes about).. the graphics wouldnt be up to scratch with the Space stations of E.D, but the vehicles and weapons and pure playability would go well with E.D planetary landings :D

10 year old game still being thrashed by UT2004 players
Witcher 3. Ofc.

But I just love walking around the purrty forests of Vanishing of Ethan Carter.
Here's a new take on the game. The sepia and old camera effects comes from Reshade Framework.

EDIT: So I'm bored of E:D after playing less hours of it then almost any other game I've bought in the last two years. I find myself going back to older games and reliving the excitements.

So what are ya'll playing to hold you over? What are you waiting for that will bring you back to E:D?

Me: Coh2, Sim city 5, a little bf4 and some Heroes and Generals

You sound like you are waiting for something to happen to Elite: Dangerous before you start playing it again. What would that be?

- Powerplay?

- Thargoids?

- 1st Person movement on board spaceships and stations?

- Support for the commercial VR helmets?

- Planetary Landings?

I've been playing for a while now and I'm not bored of it yet. The reason I'm still enjoying it is because I enjoy the basic mechanic of banking the fighter and pulling back on the stick to manoeuvre. Before the new Elite was released I thought I'd better practice my piloting skills and so I installed Oolite. I didn't think that game would hold my attention, but I was playing it right up until I could play Elite: Dangerous. And Elite's the game I've been playing ever since.
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I'm not playing anything instead of ED, but I am playing some software as well as:

Trainz: a new era - rail simulator, not for your average thrill seeker
Lord of the Rings Online - recently returned after quite a break
TinyKeep - a pick up and go action dungeon crawler
Chaos Reborn - a still developing think em up from Julian Gollop
StoneHearth - a still in alpha cutesy build em up

games I will return to when I have time:

Total War: Rome 2 - a rome them up wargame
Civilization V - bound to return at some point
Kerbal Space program - which is developing faster than I can keep up with
Shroud of the Avatar - looks great, but no time available

games I expect to play but still in development

Underworld Ascendant
Bard's Tale IV

All these games are, or are scheduled to have, OSX releases.
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What Other Games Do You Play?

The HOTAS discussion going on the jar couple of days for me thinking about this, in terms of hardware and what else is being used for.

For flight simulators, I also play Rise of Flight, a little bit of DCS World, and am relearning BMS.

When I'm not flying something, I'll spend some time with Silent Hunter 4, any of the Fallout series, and some of the old Star Wars games, thanks to GOG. What about everybody else?
Talking about Rise of Flight, that game really appeals to me in a strong way, I like flight sims and I have a very strong connection to pilots of The Great War, especially people like Mick Mannock, Albert Ball, James McCudden and yes even the "enemy" such as Werner Voss etc.

I've been close to buying RoF many times but I utterly loathe the "pay per aircraft" price plan, it's just ridiculous. I'd rather pay £40 and get the full game than have to buy the game and constantly dip into my wallet to buy other aircraft. It annoys me greatly so I've not bought it. :(

As for my Hotas, I bought it for ED and ED is the only game I play with it.
I'm currently playing nothing else than ED. The last games were Dark Souls and the latest Tex Murphy.

Looking forward to the new Deus Ex: Dogmentation.
Again, don't have lots of time as I work/commute fairly long hours but I used to play Fallout 3 quite a bit and rather sadly also Train Simulator! I bought it for my dad as his retirement present (he was a train driver) and enjoyed it myself!

Quite like a game I can 'escape' to after a stressful day at week etc. ED is great for ' decompression', in more ways than just a canopy failure! :)
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I'm splitting time with Arma 3 at the moment which I picked up in the Steam summer sale. I still dip into GTA5 now and again (Story Mode) but not very much at the moment. Also the odd game on my Football Manager Save. Its going to be awful with FM2016, Fallout 4 and Horizons all coming out around the same time!!
CH HOTAS setup + Saitek Rudders here. Bought specifically for, and only used with E: D :D

Most other games I play are mouse + keyboard / G13, but at the moment the only other thing I play seriously is Diablo iii.
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