What game are we all playing instead of E:D?

Dcs world cause why have an x55 for one game, and I'm getting more into flight sims (building a custom control box actually)

War gane red dragon
Coh 2
Project Cars
I play a lot of fps games too but mostly playing elite and dcs world the last couple months.
Only this game. Used to play the Total War series a lot before ED came out. Even before ED I was played FFE3D an awful lot in 2012.

Arms 3 - Breaking Point, Sector control

Empyrion Galactic Survival

Pulsar Lost Colony

Chivalry Medieval Warfare for the occasional bloodbath
Besides Elite?

ArmA 3 (mainly flying helos)
The Witcher 3
Rimworld (pretend my elite ship crashes on a random planet and the survivors have to...survive)
Kerbal Space Program
Payday 2
DCS world: A-10 warthog (because that's one bad mother airplane)

Now I'm just waiting for Metal Gear Solid 5: phantom pain. I freaking love the mgs series (except that revengeance one... That one doesn't count in my books.)
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Just to put it out there the two biggest disappointments in gaming for me in recent times (and if I could give them away for free I would) would be CIV 5 and ArmA 3 .. haven't put more than an hour (combined) into both of them .. waste of £100 (same that I paid for ED which I must of put over 500hrs into)
War Thunder
Grand Theft Auto V
Project CARS

Occasionally some:

Hearts of Iron III
Company of Heros
Take On Helicopters
Mechwarrior Online
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Not as far as I'm aware. All these folks are speaking nonsense.

I will say that Fallout 4 will drag me away from Elite for quite a while in November, but until then...

Exactly, fallout 4 looks quite good, especially since your able to build in it.
Crusader Kings 2, X-Com long war, Pillars of Eternity, Wasteland 2, Cities Skylines to name a few recent ones - used to play a lot of DCS world, but can't play any first person 3d games anymore without VR and whilst it has excellent support, the DK2s resolution doesn't quite suffice for it - can't wait for the Vive - ED is fun, but I'm craving a more complex game again.
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To me Fallout 4 looks incredibly dated ... game might be great but GFX matter these days (well they do to me) :)
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Mount and Blade Warband
Also spending time making a mod for it based around the Birthright D&D setting. Taking a while to do animations for dwarves. Dwarf are pretty much good at schiltrons and that's about it.
I was enjoying Firefall, and Torchlight 2 for the really fun multiplayer aspect with friends. The Witcher 3 because, wow that game is awesome. But now that I've discovered ED (and ZOMGWTFBBQ Voice Attack!) I get home from work, kiss my wife, and get lost in the Milky Way. I've already forgotten my friend's names. Wait, did I have friends? Shoot. Wait am I married, or was that a dream? .... O_O ... Do I have children?

PS I'm totally married and she's amazing. Just to be clear, haha. And she laughs at me when I start yelling at my computer to deploy weapons and to divert power to engines.
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