What happened to Kerrash?

For those who don't know Kerrash Landing was one of the first streamers of Elite Dangerous & other classic versions of Elite on multiple platforms. I believe he started streaming during the Alpha stage of the ED program & I would not have been playing this game if it wasn't for his infectious streams. He got closely involved with FD, I believe they even offered him a job once. As he worked in IT development himself he often got the "inside track" of what was going on in the games developmentm which he discussed in this streams. He was even a pilot during the Elite Dangerous Launch Party, helping to demo the game.

He was always a CMDR and one of us, but he forfilled the Ed Lewis community role before Ed joined the company

I hope he will return to Twitch soon.

I will always be indebted to him.

o7 Kerrash Landing
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