What is fun to *you* in ED?

Stealing Diamonds.

Taking photos of my ships in front of things. (Stacks of Hatchbreakers, splosions etc)

Aceing a perfect landing using only the landing gear for brakes.

Bagging two or more skimmers with one salvo of two dumbfires. (Record is four so far)

I am a man with simple tastes but I do like to look cool.
Fun for today.
Driving around collecting mats for 2hrs then getting my weps G5.
It was fun using the finished product aswell.
CQCC Arena hugging a superstructure to try to shake an opponent off my tail. Dodging and weaving through an asteroid belt like Han Solo.

Mining an ice field. Looking over my shoulder to see the way the starlight filters through the myriad of tumbling icebergs.

Hooning around in SRVs, deliberately tumbling down a vast ravine just for the experience of it.

Sitting in a remote part of the galaxy as far up as my jump range will allow, looking down at the stars below me, knowing that nobody has ever been here before.
Trying to make the right loading for my Eagle for whatever mission I decide to take on, whether that be mining, piracy or passenger mission!
1. Killing nubs
2. Killing explorers
3. Killing miners
4. Killing traders
5. Killing whales
Driving past SDC in Solo, because while I don't mind meaningful PvP theirs aint, at least not to me, so I don't join in. Normally I don't bother making a deal of it either, just get on with my game, but if they are going to crow about it they deserve a little cockadoodledoo from over here too. :)
Hey mate - yes, I had some settings I used to slow the curve/sensitivity but I don't remember them. At the time I initially used FaceTrackNOIR for ETS2, and the curve settings I used were based of settings I found just by googling 'facetracknoir ets2.' The same settings carried over to Elite for me. There are hotkeys, though, to reset/centre view and to enable/disable the tracking. Often I'd just disable it when I wasn't looking around

The first minute of so of this video I recorded, when I was first experimenting with FaceTrackNOIR, gives you an idea of how it can work quite smooth. I also display a wire-frame of my face to show the tracking. Unfortunately I don't have any of Elite but it gives you an idea of how it can work, and it's also the step that took me to VR :)


Woah, that FaceTrackNOIR certainly takes a lot of getting used to. Do you have any preferred settings to help smooth out the movement of the camera & to keep things still when your head is at relative rest? Any tips would be very useful. If I can get it a bit less sensitive, then I probably will use it for the next month or two. Then move up to one of the more official head-track utilities.
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Working on my own in solo, knowing no one else can affect me.

Cheers, Phos.
You can always join a private group that does PvE. Because of the BGS everyone does get affected somehow by economics etc. within the game universe though no matter what mode of play you are in.

To answer the OP's question:

For me fun is whatever I decide to do next........... or today.

If I'm out exploring there is nothing like getting some great photos for the "family" album.
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Alex said "Generally anything thats involving enough to make me forget about real life for an hour or several."

Yep, in one.

That's why I play. Within the game are many mechanisms to achieve this. I actually like engineering, mining (it's soothing...) sometimes pvp / pve, cg's, etc the list goes on. Watching the in-game threads evolving is fun too.

I like this game :)
whats fun for me?

well I'm a smuggler... and I'm very very good at it.. also part time blockade runner and general illegal trading too
I'll fight if I have to, but will just say hi to other players, i do a bit of this and a bit of that. been to Sgr A* and back and kept my sanity (dont listen to the unicorns, they're all liars)
About the only thing I dont do is passenger missions because within 30 seconds of letting them on board I want to throw their whiney little rear ends outa the nearest airlock[mad]
And I do it in open all the time


There's also blowing raspberries at the 'open only' crowd.
Well poo to you with knobs on :p
You can always join a private group that does PvE. Because of the BGS everyone does get affected somehow by economics etc. within the game universe though no matter what mode of play you are in.
I prefer solo. I'm not fussed by the economic influence, as it's not directed at me. I like being able to go where I want, without meeting others.

Cheers, Phos.
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I really enjoy helping other cmdr's play their own way.

Logging into the game and seeing the sales report and all those items sold and the cha ching that goes with each sale...ye the sound is sweet and knowing others appreciated access to those items
to fill their synthesis stock etc...

Ooops! Sorry that's another game -one with the ability to interact intelligently in this manner...

Um...well...performing security, and maintaining economic and social health for various factions
Right now, I like finding a system in a state of Civil War where once side is aligned with the Federation. I join the Federation side and do what I can do to help. You make a lot of credits and rank up. And I find combat zones a lot of fun. So many close calls and heart pounding escapes praying for you FSD to power up while you're getting blasted.

Also, I do community goals.

This game is a sandbox so you have to make your own fun activity.
This Forum

More fun than the game
No beige anywhere
No orange only hud
No delays moving between topics or posts
The security forces are always around

Does have one downside, its all text based but hey that's just like the game anyway so it feels like home.

To me, exploration is the most fun part of Elite.

I love just staring at the night sky and just thinking about the scale of the universe, so being able to fly around in even just a rough simulation of it all is extremely satisfying. Then yesterday there was this moment where I was just travelling to a point in the Formidine Rift area, looking at my phone in between jumps, when suddenly as soon as I exit hyperspace, I get dropped out of supercruise, confused, I start to move forward and realize that I'm flying in towards a black hole. This makes me really panic and I just pick a direction that seems right and move in it. Was 40km from the hole (and moving towards it) when I finally realized that I could use the marker to figure out which direction was away from it. That experience immediately cemented exploration as my favorite thing in the game, I've had 'oh no' moments in other games, but nothing as strong as it was here, where death would mean losing weeks worth of valuable data.
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