What is happening with my game graphically?

Is this related to the "-enableaftermath 1" option with the NVIDIA thread? I have verified my game files, and i have the latest drivers for my 980ti.



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It looks like a graphics problem.

When did this start to occur? Have you changed any settings or updated the drivers recently?
I havent played the game in 2+ years. After all the planet zoo talk going around, it made me want to play it again. Drivers on my 980ti are 436.48
Check drivers and sometimes these bright colors are caused by a bad or loose cable to the monitor, so check that. I had this once where everything was turning a bright pink (not in the game, but in general)
Got this from support.

Ah, we've seen this a few times! It's incredibly random and we're not entirely sure what causes it as the pool of those affected is so small so we don't have much in the way of investigation material.

However, disabling the Dynamic Environmental Map option in the options menu does seem to the issue.
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