What is PvP and PvE?

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Would someone please explain in easy for dummies way what these letters all mean?

Thank you

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Sorry about any spelling mistakes as I am dyslexic. There my also be some homophones.

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PvP: player versus player, e.g. combat with another player;
PvE: player versus environment, e.g. trading, mining, exploring, prospecting, combat with NPCs (non-player-characters).
Pve = No other players in your game ( solo )

Pvp = Other players/commanders in the same instance.

Player versus environment, Player versus Player.
There my also be some homophones.

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As Robert Maynard said.

PvP = Player Vs Player - in ED's case that seems to be focused on combat (although it can be argued that affecting the BGS (Background simulation) is also PvP

PvE = Player Vs Environment

The basic explanation in Elite Dangerous is that PvE is playing against the NPC's and PvP is playing against players
In the context of the recent forum debates, these are the definitions:

PvP - Player vs player enabled, players can shoot and kill other players and griefing is allowed

PvE - Player vs Environment, players can still play with other players but they can not hurt each other, strictly a "play with other players" environment cooperatively.

Elite's Open is a PvP game mode, while The Mobius private group is intended to be a PvE mode, where commanders play together peacefully, no griefing.
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