General / Off-Topic What is the name of this movie ?

There was this movie that I watched when I was a little todler, somewhere around 6, I remember I was pretty fond of it. An old movie from the early 80's.

But for the life of me I can't remember it's name ! And its annoying me to no end !

I'm pretty sure it was a disney movie, but I can be wrong.

The two things that I remember clearly from it is that the main character had a bird like yellow costume, he was supposed to be some-kind of hero of sorts ?

The movie might be a parody.

And there was this sequence where he was in a van/truck and suddenly transitioned to a sport car that just sprung out of the van/truck.

I was hopping that some of you might know what movie it was and its name. Or maybe it is just a figment of my imagination ?

In any case, I thank you in advance. [yesnod][heart]

I never thought I would have an answer !

And not only that but the RIGHT answer !

Right now I could kiss you my friend, you have no idea how crazy I was getting because of this !

I was starting to think that I was just making stuff up, but see I am not crazy ! ( yet )

This is the sequence I was talking about !

This movie was literally the first time that the concept of super hero was ever exposed to me !
I've known this movie before I've even heard of batman or superman, can you believe it !

I'm back in nostalgia avenue ! Thanks a lot !
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Being a younger Flimley myself at the time. I was puzzled why Micheal Crawford was Condor Man. I just couldnt make the transition from ‘some mothers do av’em’ to super hero. Very confusing.

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