What is the point of Admiral and King Ranks ?

There really isn't a point to them, past content-walling for the availability of ship purchase choice.

Perhaps it was a feature that was intended to be expanded- but wasn't. Who knows?

I'd really like to see the entire system really be reworked so that it potentially gives PvP players their "meaning" to engage with one another- similar to what Open PowerPlay would do. Give each player the decision to choose and side with a faction (or not at all) exclusively- so that there's cause for rivalry, discord, etc.

This was one of the biggest missed opportunities for this game, IMO... superpower faction gameplay could have been the underlying system which gave true meaning to PvP interaction from release.
You didn’t know? The higher your rank, the more effect you have on the BGS. [disclaimer: not really, I just wanted to say it]
Would make sense though. Maybe payouts should be slightly affected by those ranks. And why isn't there a tie-in to powerplay with them?
Bragging rights and validated parking.

Exactly. Just another goal. Something to smile about. Why climb Mount Everest? Because it's there! Enjoy the game without frostbite in real life adventures.

Now...If I could shoot the ship taking up my validated and personal parking space without being attacked by the local cops...

Still...How many Kings does it take to change a light bulb? :)

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More place holders for a game full of them!

I always thought they should have kept it back and released a payable DLC pack that included a spare CMDR slot along with two exclusive 30+ hour fully voiced quest lines (hence the spare CMDR slot) - sign up to the Empire or Federation navy and work your way thru the ranks with specially created missions and rewards and weave it into the (better than it is now) fully realised Powerplay gameplay and BGS.
But now, there's nothing they can do with it as no one will want to regrind the ranks and have to choose one side (I would be Empire but fight to end slavery - indentured servitude is just a fancy word for it).
Had a bit of spare time on my hands and hate to see a bar only three quarters full so ground out the remaining ranks for both factions, I know there is no reward or access to anything after Duke and Rear Admiral but why give the option of being able to go higher when we don't gain access to anything ?

This is not a moan I'm just genuinely curious.

The sense of pride and accomplishment.
Ranks are just "Well Done!" sticker badges with a few ship access perks here and there.

I'd like to see a career-themed major update next year, where military careers as well as piracy, bounty hunting and mercenary-ing get fleshed out with some structured content and their own ranking systems.

And to add insult to injury, I'm female.

I wish to be Queen, not King.
sigh.... the Queen's jewels are so much prettier.

Thank you very much.



Same here, but it doesn't bother me. I don't see the point in gendering job titles if gender plays no part in the job itself.

It would be nice if there was something at the highest ranks.

MB did say he would like to see a full-fledged navy career system at some point.

Of course he has moved on from ED, but it's still an obvious option for a future paid expansion.
The game is still in active development, the military ranks are still one of those aspects which haven't yet been fully fleshed out.
What would "flesh out" mean, since everyone and his mother is already done with rank grinding?
I’ve always felt like the rank should give you at least something. It would be nice if you started off with friendly with any minor factions that were allied with your superpower. It would also be cool if you were sent high paying assignments from time to time. Like a “calling all corvettes” or “calling all cutters” to rescue a capital ship or station. There’s a million things they could do with it to entice players to grind
The sense of pride and accomplishment.
Really? In the right system you could comfortably go from nothing to King in the space of a weekend. Admiral would take a little longer but both are only signifiers of being able to grind for suffieciently long. Same issue as all ranks in Elite , however bad you are it's still an upward ratchet toward success.
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