What is the point of Admiral and King Ranks ?

I thought about maybe a decal for my ship; and then I thought, do I really want to be proclaiming to the world that I'm a Federation Admiral while swanning into an Empire station?
Same reason a person who cleans toilets being called a domestic technician.
It puffs up egos and asuages vanity.
Yup, we're bought so easily.
And to add insult to injury, I'm female.

I wish to be Queen, not King.
sigh.... the Queen's jewels are so much prettier.

Thank you very much.



Well, I must have been asked to specify my gender when I used the HoloMe, so I guess you'd be asked too. So the game should "know" your CMDR's gender from that.

Might be worth mentioning to support.
Like you, I have no idea why I should need a rank to buy something, is there something on earth that can not be bought with money? Perhaps a noble title, and that, I also doubt it. .. :D

And here's proof, that you actually CAN buy a noble title.

Snip from Wikipedia:
Adult adoptees and "knights"

Together with Gabor, Anhalt has himself adopted at least ten adult males. "If someone offers you $2 million, you do it," he is reported to have said.[8]

Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt adopted several adults:

Michael Prinz von Anhalt (birth name: Michael Killer)[11]
Marcus Prinz von Anhalt (birth name: Marcus Eberhardt), also calls himself "Prince Germany";[12]
Oliver Prinz von Anhalt (1971-2016, birth name: Oliver Bendig)[13]
Markus Maximilian Prinz von Anhalt (birth name: Markus Chapelar)
Albrecht Alexander Prinz von Anhalt (birth name: Alexander Wessel)
Ferdinand Prinz von Anhalt (birth name: Markus Wölfert)
Alex Prinz von Anhalt (birth name: Alex J. Anaxagorou aka Alex the Greek)

In addition to selling his name in marriage, Anhalt has sold as many as 68 "knighthoods" for $50,000 a piece.[7]
You can do donation mission to grind the rank :p

If you mean RL then you are also wrong, class is mostly determined by the money possesed, maybe respect is an exception.

Respect is always an exception to those who only understand fear mentality.
True, but the richest aren't always the strongest.

Ah.. but they can afford to hire the strongest.

You see.... "alpha" mentality only gets you so far... once you realize that those who have the gold MAKE the rules you will also understand it doesn't matter how many hours per day you dedicate at the gym.

If you've got the cash, you can hire the help.
Had a bit of spare time on my hands and hate to see a bar only three quarters full so ground out the remaining ranks for both factions, I know there is no reward or access to anything after Duke and Rear Admiral but why give the option of being able to go higher when we don't gain access to anything ?

This is not a moan I'm just genuinely curious.

Placeholder turned placeheld?
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Got satisfaction from reaching Admiral, though after obtaining my Corvette, didn't make a concerted effort for the next ranks.

As to the Imperial rank, actively worked to reach Duke, got my Cutter and have stopped ranking for the Empire, I'm still increasing rank but it's happening as part of just playing.

There are so many loose ends in the game, it would be nice if FD would begin to tie them up.
Better food. But seriously i have to agree with the OP on this. What is the point of grinding all the way to the top if you already get access to the two biggest ships in game two ranks earlier? I mean if there was a decal, ship, bobblehead etc available, then yes it's worth the grind, otherwise a pointless exercise.
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