What is your favorite animal in each pack thus far and if you could add one animal to each pack what would it be?

Just as the title states. A favorite from each pack and one animal added to each pack. Mine would be:
Arctic pack: The polar bear vey tough choice as I’m also very fond of the dall sheep. Added animal Musk ox for sure.
South America: Jaguar hard to imagine the game without it. Added animal Black or Red howler monkey
Australia Koala actually was worried they wouldn’t make it. Added animal Wombat.
Aquatic pack super tough choice but I gotta stick with the King Penguin they look so amazing swimming by the glass. Added animal I’d have to say a Elephant seal even tho somewhat unrealistic nowadays they sure would look awesome in planet zoo.
Arctic Pack: Favorite is Dall Sheep, would add Arctic Fox
South America Pack: Giant Anteaters are my favorite animal so I was beyond excited when they made it in. Would add Two-Toed Sloths.
Australia Pack: Favorite is Red Kangaroo, would add Platypus or Echidna because I find them very interesting.
Aquatic Pack: Favorite is Grey Seal, would add Walrus.
Arctic Pack
Favourite: polar bear
Add: Arctic fox

South America Pack
Favourite: jaguar
Add: sloth

Australia Pack
Favourite: red kangaroo
Add: Tasmanian devil

Aquatic Pack
Favourite: grey seal
Add: California sea lion
Arctic pack: I really was so looking forward Polar bear, but the requirments completely destroyed it for me because no realistic looking habitat can be made with those. So I am going to say Reindeer was my favourite.
If I could add one more animal, it would probably be musk ox or arctic fox.

South America pack: Favourite was giant anteater all the way! In fact it was on top of my wishlist. Really glad for that one. The animal I would add here is capybara.

Australia pack: Oh that is tough one, but going with Koala as my favourite because I was worried they might not get added. As for the one that I would add...definitely a Tasmanian Devil.

Aquatic pack: King penguin as my favourite. The amazing work done on that animal sure makes it justice. And I would add California sea lion. I was sure this one would be included....oh well, better luck next time.
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Would have been polar bear but the space requirement makes them unplayable without welfare off.... therefore, the Daal Sheep. Would like better space requirements for polar bear more than any new species but would like the Arctic fox.

South America:
Jaguar is great but the anteater is a welcome smaller animal that is more unique. Lots of good animals to add, but I’d choose another smallish animal: Coati

Probably the Red Kangaroo, even though I’d have preferred the Eastern Grey. Would add the Tassie Devil... no question.

They’re all great but, in the end, I like the otters best. Would add the platypus because they’re amazing.
Arctic Pack
Favourite: Polar bear (without the ridiculous space requirement)
Add: Musk ox

South America Pack
Favourite: Anteater
Add: Maned wolf

Australia Pack
Favourite: Red kangaroo
Add: any Tree kangaroo

Aquatic Pack
Favourite: Giant otter
Add: Manatee
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Artic Pack:
Fav: Reindeer
Add: Musk Ox

S.A. Pack:
Fav: Giant Anteater
Add: Capybara

Australia Pack:
Fav: Red Kangaroo
Add: Tasmanian Devil

Aquatic Pack:
Fav: Cuvier's Dwarf Caiman
Add: California Sea Lion

Arctic - Arctic Wolf*/Arctic Fox (*honestly it SHOULD be the Polar Bear, but their costs and needs make them extremely hard to use in Franchise, so for that I chose another)

South America - Jaguar/Capybara

Australia - Koala/Common Wombat

Aquatic - King Penguin/Asian Small Clawed Otter (as the Giant Otter kind of creeps me out a little, I need a cute little otter with a cute little nose!)
Ok, here goes:

Arctic: Arctic Wolf is my favorite. I would add the Arctic Fox

South America: I'm torn between the Jaguar and the Llama (yes, really). But I'd go with the Jaguar because it's habitats seem more fun and it's my favorite cat. I would add the Bush Dog

Australia: My favorite is the Red Kangaroo. If I had to add another animal, then probably the Tasmanian Devil

Aquatic: My favorite is the Giant Otter. Now, I cheated the system, because I chose a 2nd Australian animal for the this pack: the Platypus. These would fit the pack nicely

I'll update this when the next pack comes out
Arctic pack Favorite: Arctic Wolf Add: Arctic fox South America Pack Favorite: Anteater Add: Maned Wolf australian pack Favorite: Goofy Add: emu Aquatic pack Favorite: Gray seal Add: Mississippi alligator
Arctic Pack:
Fav: Reindeer
Add: Walrus (i love them)

South America Pack:
Fav: Llama
Add: Capybara

Australia Pack:
Fav: Dingo
Add: Echnida or Quokka

Aquatic Pack:
Fav: Grey Seal (funny, i didn't use them yet)
Add: Beaver
Favorite: Dall Sheep
Add: Musk Ox

Favorite: Colombian white-faced capuchin monkey
Add: Capybara

Favorite: Red Kangaroo
Add: Australian Pelican (i think it would work similar as the flamingo does currently in-game)

Favorite: King Penguin
Add: Walrus
Ooh fun!

Arctic pack: favourite is polar bear, would have added walrus.

South America: favourite is the giant anteater, would have added maned wolf or coati.

Australia pack: favourite is red kangaroo, would have added a tree kangaroo species.

Aquatic pack: favourite is river otter, would have added a sea lion of some sort, or manatee/dugong.
Arctic Pack: Polar Bear. Add: Musk Ox

South America: Jaguar. Add: Maned Wolf

Australia Pack: Dingo. Add: Tasmanian Devil (For exhibits I'd vote for the Inland Taipan)

Aquatic Pack: Caiman. Add: Japanese Giant Salamander
Arctic Pack: Reindeer´or Dall Sheep, it's a mood. Add: Arctic Fox
South America: Jaguar Add: Gosh, I'm torn... I'd say Howler monkeys when made with good sounds you hear all around the zoo. If that's not possibble, Maned Wolf.
Australia Pack: Kangaroo Add: Wombat
Aquatic Pack: Grey Seal Add: Honestly, I'd change the whole animal roaster instead of adding. The california sea lion is a must, but it can come with another pack in my book. Just let me change the whole roaster, please.
Arctic Pack
Favourite: dahl sheep
Add: atlantic puffin

South America Pack
Favourite: jaguar (as the black panther)
Add: emperor tamarin

Australia Pack
Favourite: koala
Add: echidna!!!

Aquatic Pack
Favourite: grey seal
Add: leatherback sea turtle

So, yeah.. this was a difficult task!
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