What is your favorite dinosaur in the game?

Hmm, a tough one. But if I had to pick five herbivores, in no particular order, I think they'd probably be: Styracosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Edmontosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, and Euoplocephalus.
And on the carnivore side in no particular order, my top five would be: Suchomimus, Metriacanthosaurus, and Herrerasaurus. My favourite dinosaur family is the tyrannosauridae, so the Tyrannosaurus is another, but the Albertosaurus favourite out of them of all as it's my favourite dinosaur.
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Hmm... don't know if I have a favorite dinosaur... I do love that they added Gigantspinosaurus though... just something about it is so cool. The giant shoulder spikes and how the back spikes end at the hip, leaving the tail mostly bare.
Parasaurolophus, always.

Though I gotta say that the new Albertosaur might be my new favourite carnivore in the game because Frontier finally fixed the broken wrists.
Really hard question, it always changes with each park I play.

1. Sauropelta, at first I didn't like it for its low population but I started to get used to it and like its overall look.
2. Parasaurolophus is one of my favorite hadrosaurs till this day, a lot of nostalgia with the lost world and toys as a kid.
3. Dreadnoughtus for its build and call, I see them as the elephants of my park.

1. I really love the spinosaurus, I watched the third movie when I was a kid and it left an impression on me till this day.
2. Tyrannosaurus rex, because it represents the large carnivores of dinosaurs and jurassic park as a whole, I love it for its roar and beady eyes.
3. Carcharodontosaurus, I really like this dinosaur, at first its mohawk of spikes bugged me but now I find myself putting this dinosaur in my park a lot. Jungle and rainforest are my favorite with this dino.

I really like the large carnivores. It's what comes to my mind when I think of dinosaurs.
1. Brachiosaurus 2. diplodocus 3. Rex 4. Stegosaurus 5.Raptor

Preorder- Succo
Cretaceous- Iguanodon
Carno - herrasaur
Fallen Kingdom- stygymolach & Allo tied
Clare - euplo
Wuu - spinoraptor
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