What is your opionion regarding exiting to the menu and back to collect more material at Dav's Hope and Jameson Crash Site?

It sounds tedious to me. I've never bothered. And somehow, I always seem to have enough, or very close to, the mats I want. I G5ed (mostly) my new Mamba last week without much bother - I had to visit a mat & data trader on my way to add experimentals... Oh, the horror.
I think it's a bigger unfortunate shame that the way the game has been designed, makes this desirable to players.
So much this.

If a circuit of Dav's provided you with a reasonably useful amount of materials, people wouldn't do the menu relogging thing. As it is, it wouldn't be worth going to these remote places if there wasn't the option to menu bounce. Still takes hours to get half a stack, and that's after you've gotten there and before you've made the flight back.
I don't really care, it's inefficient and probably boring, but some people get a kick out of "playing" the system even if it ends up being a worse grind than the grind they try to avoid 🤷‍♀️
Only shame is that it's sold to newbies as a solution to a problem that doesn't really exist.
Cynical instance flipping is a loophole that players can exploit to gain an advantage. FDev don't appear to mind.

It's not something I do, I've never knowingly visited Dav's Hope, and never felt the need. I can understand why others feel they 'have' to, but personally I think half the game is figuring things out for yourself so play your own way, I'll play mine.

Much like board flipping I will be happy if FDev ever patch instance flipping to reset random spawns out of the game.
Cheating, why not just play the game and see where it takes you, there is no end game so why hurry.
It's not cheating in any way, besides, some of us have been trying for far too long to get what we need. Why hurry? How many years do you want to collect stuff? Frontier make looking for these damn things way too difficult. The grind is beyond tedious, it's simply stupid game design, nothing more
I don't mind Dav's Hope as you get to do a circuit so can try to beat your previous times. Logging in and out to scan four beacons is tedious though. Funnily enough, I've just come back to the bubble via the Jameson Crash site (though didn't need to collect much as my data storage is almost full). I haven't been to Dav's Hope for a while.

If people want to use these methods to collect materials, it's entirely up to them.
Reality is non persistence of the universe between states is a reality of the game; in the context of cheating, i don't see relogging at a site any less cheating than relogging so the bgs states update after a tick.

Basically if the same effect could be otherwise achieved by entering supercruise and leaving it again (Which it can, in this case) then it's fine.
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