What key to disable alarms?

Maybe I’m being extremely dumb but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to disable alarms, turn off oxygen, etc. I can get to the panels, open them if necessary but no keypress has any effect. Tried primary & secondary interact buttons with and without each tool selected. No joy. Help?
They have been disabled in alpha 4. FDev haven't explicitly come out and said so; but it wasn't a bug in alpha 1, 2 or 3 to my knowledge.
Yep, the panels to turn off alarms and defences etc was broken in phase 4. Alpha is pretty much over now.
The funniest thing about alpha 4 was "jailbreaking" and jumping to systems beyond 50 ly bubble.

Just be careful when visiting engineers : some of their bases are "half baked", with several landing pads missing.
A almost lost my jumpconda after my docking computer tried to land on a non-existing pad with nav POI ca 200m under ground level :)))

What key/button to disable alarms?​

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