Engineers What purpose does Bris Dekker serve?

I can't work out what earthly - or spacely - purpose Bris Dekker serves, beyond being either a distraction or fodder for completionists.

Dekker caps out at a paltry G4, not G5. At least Marco Qwent, who also caps out at a meagre, unhelpful G4, has some utility: Qwent unlocks other engineers. But, unlike Qwent, Dekker doesn't unlock other engineers.

Have I missed something? Does Dekker do anything to merit the seemingly pointless grind required for that engineer? I've searched, but have found only discussions about Dekker's entry requirements possibly being bugged; I've found nothing about whether Dekker is even worth the effort in the first place.
You know.. he is one of those.. Adds nothing.. Still gets all the goodies..

(well G4 interdictor.. The other is in Colonia)
She's another spot to get a secondary added to your FSD. No point going back to the armpit of the galaxy (Decait) after you have your blueprint pinned.
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