What Ship are you Bringing and Why?


As we are now inching closer to the much anticipated update in Q4 and the launch of Distant Worlds 2, many explorers are beginning to engineer their ships in anticipation of the expedition. Please use this thread for discussion & debate regarding ship builds for Distant Worlds 2. This thread will be beneficial for those trying to make decisions about which ship to bring and how to outfit. Also, this thread will likely be a valuable resource for those commanders making their first trip into the blackness at the edge of the galaxy. Please share your builds if you can!*

I am currently on the fence between 3 different ships for Distant Worlds 2 - each of which are very different and have unique benefits. To aid in this decision, I am interested in which ship YOU have decided (or still undecided) to use as your DW2 ship - and in particular why? Perhaps the *why* might help me make my decision.

- Cmdr Parabolus

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Currently planning on taking a Corvette.

Why? Because it is my favorite ship in the game and can easily carry everything an explorer build needs in abundance. It only lacks jump range (27ly atm), but given how long we will be out that doesn't bother me much.

My only decisions remaining are how much of a combat build I am going to put in it, or if I am going to skip that completely. I can get 30ly on my planned exploration build, and am looking at a 25ly combat fit. Dunno which way I am going to go yet.

EDIT: One possible build I am considering (note it uses only the new FSD numbers)
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I'm planning on taking an Imperial Cutter because I intend to be on mining support (assuming we can refuel the megaship with mined commodities).
It's large enough to fit all the necessary modules for exploration and mining and still have a good cargo space. It is also ~40ly jump range.

I won't know for sure until we leave. :)

I initially signed up with a Python but have now switched to a Type-7. We've talked about some of this in other threads too, but the gist of my decision is basically this:

The AspX is a great explorer, but nearly everyone uses them, and while it's good at everything, it doesn't excel in any one area, and can't fit repair limpets in addition to the standard exploration kit.

The DBX has a terrible scoop rate, and is short a slot relative to the AspX.

The Anaconda has terrible supercruise handling, but what really kills it for me is the cockpit views. I've taken it across the galaxy twice, and that was enough.

Of all of the remaining ships, in 2.4 I felt like the Python had the best blend of features, handling, and jump range (outside of the main 3 exploration ships), and the cockpit is fairly pleasant. I play in VR, so I like having dark non-reflective surfaces (the Gutamaya cockpits are a little distracting, IMHO). And as nice as the Saud Kruger ships are, they're just not really to my taste either. So the Python was a good choice.

And then 3.0 hit, and turned the Type-7 into another Python. It has almost exactly the same features, from an explorer's point of view. Same layout of optional internals, except one of the slots is a size larger. Same size FSD and fuel tank. And the hull mass was reduced to match the Python. So I could have the Python's internals, but a Lakon cockpit view. The choice was simple. ;)

This may change of course.

EDIT: Here are the builds I use for my exploration vessels:

EDIT 2: I'm gradually updating my list of ship templates on ED-Astrometrics, which can be a great starting point for choosing ships.

EDIT 3: Some honorable mentions:

  • Orca - Can jump almost as far as an AspX, but has one fewer unrestricted optional slots.
  • iClipper - Doesn't jump as far as the Python and has one fewer slot, but has 2 slots more than the AspX and is one of the fastest scooping ships.
  • iCutter - Great internals, and quite stylish. Jump range is mildly OK.
  • Type-6 - Decent jump range, similar internals to the AspX with good cockpit views. Main advantage over Asp is just the fact that it's smaller.
  • Types 9 & 10 - Great cockpit views, good looking ships, lots of internals. Steer like oil tankers, and jump range isn't great.
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I'm actually one of the many conda pilots and i know there are many people that say going with a conda is boring, as soo many people do that, but I have my reasons.

First of all, back when i started playing the game, the anaconda seemed like a lategame ship to me and when i finally got mine, it really felt like an achievement. Also i quickly fell in love with that ship.

Second thing is, I don't know how much time I will have at hand during the expedition and the pace after Sag A* will be about 6k ly a week. I don't just want to come along, I also want to participate in the different events involved with DW2, so having a high jump range is very beneficial when not having that much time to play the game. Also, I registered for the media roll, so quickly getting to the locations where interesting things to stream/record are is important.
BTW I also intend to visit Salomes Reach :)

Third: The anaconda being a multi-purpose ship enables me to participate in many different kinds of activities, provided that we will be able to change our outfitting at the fleet carrier.
I haven't signed up yet, (but fully intend to go), but as a fully fledged explorer I can't see anything but my engineered Asp X. When I get back to the bubble later this month I may start experimenting with other ships just to be able to carry more kit, but then again I'll probably get itchy feet after a week back so probably won't.
Asp - I'll be getting her out of mothballs when I get back from my current trip. As to why, simply because she took me to Beagle on DW I :)
I can't be bothered to leave anything behind so it'll be a Conda. Even with that one I could still use moooaaar module Slots. So much for supercruise maneuvrability and stunning canopy...

But first let's see what other ships, if any, will be released until Q4. Whichever, it will boast the Guardian FSD Booster, if it's worth it.
I'll be taking an anaconda. Why? Because it can jump about 65LY while still carrying all the scanners, two SRVs, a fuel limpet controller, a repair limpet controller, two AFMs, and extra 32t of fuel, and a huge fuel scoop for faster refuelling.

Why would you take anything else?
I will take my Type-9 HEAVY.

Reason: Since I started with 1000 CR and a loaned Sidey the big fat Type-9 was my most anticipated ship. I finally got one, and have experienced a lot with it. Of course trading and mining, but also multiple fully loaded trips to Jaques. To help repair the station, and later to help a faction to establish in the Colonia region. All in all there is really no choice for me to take any other ship than my trusty Type-9.
I'll be taking an anaconda. Why? Because it can jump about 65LY while still carrying all the scanners, two SRVs, a fuel limpet controller, a repair limpet controller, two AFMs, and extra 32t of fuel, and a huge fuel scoop for faster refuelling.

Why would you take anything else?
Why would you carry and extra 32t of fuel when you have a fuel Scoop and all it does is reducing your plottable jumprange?
Why would you carry and extra 32t of fuel when you have a fuel Scoop and all it does is reducing your plottable jumprange?
Depends on what role you wanna be. For Fuel Rats it makes sense to carry extra fuel, for example. He mentioned bringing a fuel limpet controller, afterall.



Why wouldn’t I? She deserves a second run out to the edge of the Galaxy. The view from my cockpit rules; her layout allows for an optimal Explorer-build set-up; and we’ve been together for so long now that I couldn’t, in all good faith, take another mistress. I love my Type-6.

Flying happy
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Im thinking about bringing a Chieftain because i just think that ship is soooooo sexy! but we will see when it gets closer
I will be taking the Krait if it is any good. It sure as hell looks great, but whether it will be any good for exploration is another subject.
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