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Amazon Music is cool. Searched for Just like Heaven yesterday, an 80s Cure hit (really easy to play on guitar btw, standard tuning, A - E - bm - D) and it came up with a whopping sixteen cover versions. Bingo. So I switched over to YouTube for musical Void Opal mining aka Dynamite Fishing. Any really great pop song is identified by its simplicity plus the number of credible variations. And these are some of my favorites:

Katie Melua
Katie Melua ofc. Guitar played by Justin Sandercoe, some might know him -

Dinosaur Jr.
Dinosaur Junior! You probably have to be old to be able to afford a Hiwatt amp, but you don't have to sound so.

Bouncing Souls
Hm. Everybody can be a guitarist!

Music Stars Academy. Wish you all the best and much luck!
Hm. Reminds me of my teenage years. If we only had had that Cranberries-voiced singer! And if she only would hit the notes. No word about beards or ape planets!

Goldfinger, 2 mins! In your face! Or: Dinosaur Jr on steroids. Jurassic World Evolution - without the grunts.

Hard Fall Hearts
Hard Fall Hearts version. You can look like Brian Setzer and still play cool. The record version is even more tight. Arch tops & distortion are a powerful duo, but beware of the feedback.

Lovelorn Dolls
Lovelorn Dolls. Hm. Robot Army? Reminds me of the old Smashing Pumpkins. Nice Zero-style guitar sound.

Vitamin Strings
Vitamin String Quartet. Glad I'm already married and not Gothic, but violins are always nice.

And after listening to all these versions for hours, I think this is my favorite. Sorry, Robert/Porl. Not quite what you intended it to be...

Pez Wilson.
Pez Wilson. Not perfect, but something you would listen to late at night and have a whisk(e)y along with it. Saxophones only go with the night anyway.

And finally the original:

The Cure

Plus one off...

Ok, different song I stumbled over during my research. Three piece live band, but they rock. Acoustic guitar over Orange amps, great voice, no synths. 15 years after the original came out - on MTV. Luckily, she did a re-recording lately. Here's hope! :)

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Sometimes, when watching some of the Elite videos posted by others, I have another soundtrack playing over them. The music seems to fit well.

Here are a few of my favorites of "Classical Gas".

By Tommy Emmanuel, Certified Guitar Player:

By Mason Williams, original version 1968:

By Mason Williams with Deborah Henson-Conant on Harp:

By Tommy Emmanuel, Solo Performance:

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