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At one time I decided to figure out what made something beautiful. I can't say when it comes to sound, but what we call "good taste" when it comes to something we perceive visually, it's mostly fashion. It's personal, it's culturally related, it varies from place to place, and it changes with time. Behind all that you find evolutionary achieved neuroaesthetics, like we really love contrast, because it makes the message easier for the brain to decode. And the brain is a lazy one! It knows that spending energy means hard work to find new energy.

When it comes to music, I don't get, like Taylor Swift, but someone obviously does. As long as there is no true definition to "artistic value" other than the subjective one, that kind of leaves the only other measure, like billions of flies love manure, so it must be good. Once you swallow the red pill, and realize that there is no such thing as an objective "artistic value", as a side effect, it makes it a lot easier to just like whatever you like, and also do/create whatever you think is "beautiful"/"ugly" depending on what you prefer. I spent many year living in an illusion, trying to create what noone could explain, but everybody seemed to agree upon. Does that make sense?

Speaking of good taste. Dear god. If you are real and in any way omni-whatever, please strike me down with lightning and reincarnate me as Lana's "favorite sweater".

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