What stories do you have from Elite Dangerous that will stick with you forever?


There's been a couple times where I've finished a project or reached a goal in various games where I'm like "This is AMAZING and I'll literally never forget it."

How has that happened for you in Elite Dangerous?
My best experience in ED was returning to the bubble to cash in my data following a loop around the core. That sentence alone makes it seem a mundane task but there was a little more to it.

When I started the game I promised myself I would re-earn my Acornsoft badge (see my avatar pic), earned for reaching Elite in the original game. IIRC you had to do it within the first year, & send off a postcard (included in the box) with a code the game supplied.

I started on 13th Jan 2015, and by August was Combat Elite, so I gave myself a stretch target of reaching Triple Elite before the 13th Jan 2016.
By Mid December 2015 I got my Trade Elite & was about half way through Pioneer for Exploration. I had time for one big trip, needed a little over 40mCr and on a previous trip to SagA* I'd earned 30m (mostly honking & scooping) so I knew what it was going to take, and roughly how long it would take.

With hindsight I didn't have to go to such extremes, but I wanted the fastest ship in the game, just to make sure I could get back from wherever I went in time.

I looped around the outer core (the really bright bit), mostly searching for black holes and O&B class stars until I realised that I wasn't sure how much cash I'd earned & if it wasn't enough I needed to allow time for another trip, so I called a friend for help. It's the only time in my ED 'career' I've ever felt I couldn't do something alone, but a lot was riding on this, I had to make it back in one piece, I had to have enough and I couldn't wait.

I was in a 40ly Conda with a 1d distro & a 3a PP. No weapons, minimal shield, fastest ship in the game (this was before engineers) If I got attacked by a single NPC there would be nothing I could do but put four pips to shields & wait for the FSD to charge.

I needed a wingmate. Considering what I had riding on that trip I wanted an armarda but I have a few PvP buddies & one agreed to fly out to an agreed rendezvous system outside the bubble, in a fully equipped PvP Python.

I travelled 10,000ly in the time it took for him to get his solid hunk of metal out to meet me, I'm pretty sure it's the only time I've ever impressed a PvPer with just how much ground it was possible to cover.

We met up in supercruise, winged up & jumped into the destination system where I had left my gunrunner Cobra MkIII (the other fastest ship in the game, weaponless but unkillable) & travelled the most uneventful 500ls, sweat literally pouring off my brow, my wingmate wondering what all the fuss was about

I made it into dock, switched ships & bid my buddy thanks & farewell as I left his Python far behind.

I got the Triple Elite within a year, with a week to spare. As best experiences go I imagine I'm unlikely to top that.

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Best experience in Elite

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By far, the best experience I've had, in ED, was the months I spent scraping a living in a Cobra while trying to upgrade an AspX to make it mission-capable, back before the credit flood.

I genuinely feel sorry for newer players who will never have the experience of having to think carefully about what ships/modules to buy.

Moving machinery from high-tech worlds to middle-tech worlds was also unexpectedly profitable, and demand for luxuries was always high on evolving industrial worlds. But on Xezaor the Shanaskilk furs (bought at thirty galactic credits the tonne) were likely to be their best bet yet. Alex nervously called up the buying price at Xezaor.

He whooped with triumph as he saw that he and Elyssia had tripled their money.
This time, in the hit and miss game, they had hit lucky.

They sold the furs without trouble. Then Alex called up the price list at Xezaor of ship and armaments equipment.
The new missile was the standard thirty credits. He ordered one and a small robot scuttled off to fetch the permitted weaponry.
Beam lasers were one thousand credits, and the temptation to invest in one was strong.
The price of the fuel and cargo scoop which the Nemesis so badly needed was extortionately high, at five hundred and twenty-five credits. But an energy bomb cost nearly twice as much!
Of course a fuel scoop could be used for salvage, as well as topping up their fuel banks by sun- skimming, so it was a good investment, even at one hundred credits over the odds.
Alex ordered one. Delivery and fitting would take twenty hours, a standard day. Alex fuelled the ship, next, and stocked up with Xezaorian delicacies.

In those days you had to think carefully about individual weapons or modules.
Do I fit a beam laser or a pair of pulse lasers... or do I upgrade my fuel scoop instead?
That was, for me, the quintessential ED experience and it's a shame it's gone.
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A. Scraping the credits for weeks, buying my first conda, getting shot to pieces in a hazres almost immediately. Taught me what d-rated means.

B. Scraping credits for more weeks, buying my first cutter. Moving from station to station trying to find modules and flying without rebuy. Getting it caught in the toaster rack and spending nearly a full minute trying to rip it free. Finally escaping and running like hell with 30% hull left (all self-inflicted; the station guns hadn't opened up yet). Say it with me kiddies: NEVER FLY WITHOUT REBUY!
Making my first 'manual' jump on route to Beagle Point. I'd already passed the point of no return - insufficient fuel for a jump back and I'd spent some time in SC to lower the fuel load still further to make the next jump possible. Scary as I was orbiting a brown dwarf at the time. Over and over with the Gal map telling me it's no go and then finally! Boy did I heave a sigh of relief when that jump started.
Taking a 'pre-nerfed' Python to a Nav Beacon for combat for the first time (January\February 2015). Nav Beacons were the only place to go for guaranteed PVE at the time. The experience was absolutely immense. Sadly, they nerfed the ship and it's only when it's been seriously engineered that it comes close to the 2015 version.

Also, when I bought an Anaconda for the first time. I really felt like I'd achieved something. I sold it a few hours later when I realised I just didn't like it.
I love it now though.

The first time I went to Colonia, which I think was 2017. Within 6 months I'd also visited Sag A*, the Great Annihilator and the Black in Green tourist system.

Last year I visited the Formidine Rift, Hawkins Gap & the Conflux sites.

BUT ... My all time favourite was joining Distant Worlds 2 and visiting Beagle Point last year.
That was the real highlight for me.

... (I also visited it again a couple of months later)
Smuggling runs from Sothis into the Bubble with an unshielded Cobra Mk III blockade runner, dodging 10+ enemies trying to interdict at every star.

Reaching Sagittarius A* back in February 2015

Visiting Sol, and Earth!


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I guess the things that stick with me the most are my first exploration trip starting on the first day of Gamma, then my journey to the Crab Nebula a couple of months later, and then finally my reaching of Exploration Elite in an unexpected but somewhat poignant fashion. All 3 can be found from here if you fancy a read.

I will also never forget the hilarity and huge undertaking that was hauling the Galactic guides out to Colonia to establish a base for Ed's 38. Spending weeks teabagging each other (don't google that) and then making multiple trips, and with a group much smaller than most of them, we just missed out in the first round. But we stuck to it and did it all over again for the second round and managed to establish Dunker's Rest out there for Ed.

The first time you travel a couple of thousand Ly above or below the Galactic Plane and see all the galaxy in it's glory.

The first time I visited a Thargoid Base the day they were discovered, with Canonn.

Finding a system 42,000Ly from Sol that I decided would be my home base once everything kicked off in the bubble ;) And then after something that happened in rl Frontier were kind enough to rename the planet there for me.

There really are too many to list :D But doing some of the livestreams with Ed are something I definitely won't forget...
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There are stories with ED that will stick with me but those are the ones I do not want to talk about.

The good ones... probably from the very beginnig of being a CMDR. That novelty, that awe. Simple mission running and earning credits and finally being able to afford T-6. Man, that was an upgrade. In literally everything. Jump range. Cargo capacity. From there I started making "serious" money. Finally got enough for DBX which I exploration outfitted and went for my first long range (5k LYs, hehe) journey.

Another nice memory is when while other exploration journey I found that one system, ELW + 2x WWs. Pristine, unexplored. Scanned everything, to the last rock and decided I want to secure that so instead of continuing my journey I rushed back just to sell the data and claim that system. Later with exlporation mechanic change and Krait introduction i took Phantom and went there again just to map all the bodies. Since then it's "mine" system. First discovered, first scanned and first mapped my me.
By far, the best experience I've had, in ED, was the months I spent scraping a living in a Cobra while trying to upgrade an AspX to make it mission-capable, back before the credit flood.

I genuinely feel sorry for newer players who will never have the experience of having to think carefully about what ships/modules to buy.
Same... My first experiances where the best, I recal trading in my Viper Mk4... working towards individual module upgrades until it was a superior machine, then using it to earn the cash needed for a type 6, then using that to get an AspX.. Once i got the AspX the Galaxy opened up to me when distances suddenly become less of a barrier.

I remember looking at voids between local stars that where 40Ly across and me in my viper4 with a then 10ly jump range, tentatively plotting a course around this huge void to a station on the other side, looking for an upgrade i needed. The game felt like a massive place. i respected distance and my fuel.

Most of ED feel liks a flyover state now and credits have become an anachronism. A shame.
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